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At the elementary level, meeting the needs of English Language Learners can be done in different ways.  Students may be pulled out of the mainstream classroom in small groups for a short period of time to focus on what they need.  Some students may have their needs met through what is called push in, which is when the EL teacher goes into their mainstream classroom to help them with their work.  Co-teaching, or team teaching, is another form of meeting ELLs needs.  With co-teaching/team teaching, the EL teacher and the mainstream classroom teacher work together planning and delivering the lessons during a certain subject.

Middle School

In middle school at Dodge Middle School and Boeckman Middle School, English Learners (EL) students receive academic language support through a variety of settings: an Academic Writing class, co-teaching in content classes, and push-in or pull-out support in small groups.  Different types of class support allows us to design our curriculum to better meet the needs of each student. Through each of the support settings, we focus on improving students’ academic language skills specifically related to the four language domains: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Students participate in a variety of literacy-based activities such as journaling, vocabulary expansion, independent reading, presentations with showcases, and much more.

High School

At the high school level, English Learners (EL) can receive services in two different ways. Newcomers and beginning English Learners will be placed in a sheltered English Language Development (ELD) class. The class meets for one period each day all year, and students will earn one elective credit per trimester. Students work toward English content objectives as they participate in a variety of literacy-based activities including reading as a class, group discussions, and independent reading and writing. All English Learners will also receive services through their mainstream classes. The EL teacher and the mainstream classroom teacher work together planning and delivering the lessons. This is called co-teaching or team teaching.

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