2016-17 Class Sizes

2016-17 Class Size Forecast
Posted on 08/18/2016
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Thanks to the generous support of our community in approving the levy last November, class sizes across the district look much improved this year. Class size target numbers have been lowered by one, restoring them to their previous state during the 2014-15 school year. To help meet class size targets, the district has hired an additional 12 full time teachers.

According to Jason Berg, Principal at Farmington High School, class sizes at FHS are mostly in the low 30s. This is a noticeable drop from last year when most high school class sizes were in the high 30s and some were in the low 40s. In addition to lower class sizes, FHS will be able to offer more electives for second and third year students such as Sewing II and Landscaping and Horticulture.

The middle schools are similarly seeing lower class sizes with more students able to explore their spark through elective classes. “The additional funding has allowed us to schedule the number of sections needed to accommodate students’ first choice electives. Last year maybe 83% of students got their first choice electives, this year about 90% of students were able to get their first choice electives,” said Dan Miller, Boeckman Middle School Principal, “The more we can give students what they’re passionate about and what they want to explore, the better learning experience they have.”

Class sizes at the elementary school level are also lower. According to Becky Bican, Meadowview Elementary Principal, “Class sizes look much better this fall.  Last year, we started the year with high numbers in grades 2-4.  For example, our 3rd and 4th grade sections started with 31/32 students across the board! We held our breath every time we got a new enrollment. I am so appreciative that our community voted yes – allowing us to add additional sections at Meadowview. Enrollment numbers tend to be a rollercoaster throughout the summer as families move in and out, but it is so nice to welcome new families without the class size concerns we experienced last year.”

Although enrollment can fluctuate significantly during the first few months of the school year, teachers and administrators are pleased by the current outlook. A big thank you to all our community members for your ongoing support of Farmington Area Public Schools staff and students!