Emergency Notifications

Phone Calls and Emails
Farmington Area Public Schools uses a mass nonfiction system called SchoolConnects to send emergency messages and other announcements to students and their families. This system can send messages by both phone and email. To ensure you receive these important messages, please contact your child's school and update your contact information. 

SMS Text Messaging

In addition to receiving telephone calls and email messages from our automated SchoolConnects notification system, we are able to send school-related SMS text messages to your cell phone. But unlike calls and emails, which do not require any special action on your part, you must subscribe to receiving SMS text messages. The reason for this requirement is that you may be charged a fee for each message you receive and data rates may apply. Therefore, your assent is required. Before subscribing, you should investigate the costs of doing so with your cell phone carrier and decide if you wish to incur them. Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time and become effective immediately. 

Opting In

To receive text messages, take the cell phone you wish to receive text messages on and from that phone enter the short code 56360 in place of the phone number in the To: field, and the word "Join" (no quotation marks) in the message box. Send this message.

If the phone number of the cell phone that you texted from appears in our records, then you will receive a reply confirming that you have been opted in, and that you will receive SMS text messages whenever messages are sent out in that form from our SchoolConnects notification system.

If, however, the phone number of the cell phone that you texted from does NOT appear in our records, you will receive a reply informing you that your subscription request could not be fulfilled. You will then have to notify your school office staff so that we can add your cell phone number to our records. After that, you may once again try to subscribe by following the above steps. Your attempt should succeed at this point.

The "phone number" that appears on your cell phone display whenever an SMS message is delivered from our school is the short code (56360) that was entered when subscribing. In order to associate this number with the school, you can enter the short code 56360 in the Contacts list on your cell phone and identify it with the School Name. The School Name will then appear whenever a message is delivered from the school.

Opting Out

The process of unsubscribing or opting out of receiving SMS messages is identical to step 1, except that you enter the word "stop" instead of "join" (no quotation marks). 

Once again, you will receive a confirmation message in reply to your request. This confirmation will inform you that you will no longer receive SMS text message.

Please note, there are some cell phone carriers who do not support short code processing. If your cell phone service is provided by such a carrier, you will not have the ability to subscribe to SMS messaging, even though your phone supports SMS messaging from regular phone numbers.

Click here to access our Notification System Supplier’s Privacy Statement or type in the following web address: http://www.synrevoice.com/privacy.htm.

Click here to access our Notification System Supplier’s Privacy Statement or type in the following web address: http://www.synrevoice.com/sms.htm.