Farmington Journey

Farmington Journey

Learn more about FARMINGTON JOURNEY!

 Kick Off Informational Dinner-FREE!
Thursday, October 12
6-7:30 pm

Please call (651) 460-3200 to register or Register online HERE
Reservation Deadline is Wednesday, October 11 by 10 am.

Farmington Journey Sponsors

The Kick Off Dinner will start promptly at 6 pm with a catered meal from Gossips.
After dinner, there will be a short presentation about Farmington Journey, an inspiring message about "Re-imagining Retirement"  and an invitation to consider taking part in the many activities, classes, volunteer opportunities and trips that are being planned. 
The Farmington area has a rich history of people and organizations joining together to make our community a great place to live and/or work! Farmington Journey will be a resource to the pre-retirement resident, new 50+ (age) resident and long time senior residents. Come and join us, let's connect and grow more active together! 
This event is in no way a commercial sales presentation, just an invitation to learn more about resources in the community to enhance and ignite your life experiences, health and happiness! Invite your neighbors or bring a friend!

  • Do you have a "bucket list"?

  • Are you looking for ways to connect to your community?

  • Interested in activities, events, and issues that pertain to your needs as an active, aging adult?

  • Thinking about retirement and what the future holds?

Farmington Journey is designed for you!

The purpose of this new program is to inspire older, mature adults to enhance their life by offering opportunities and experiences to ignite learning, health and happiness through shared exploration and collaboration.

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