District Scorecard

Agency   Curiosity, Creativity   Affective Skills 
& Critical Thinking (2020 Data)
Agency Gauge: 2/3 yellow, 1/3 green. Needle points to the edge of the yellow. Curiosity, Creativity & Critical Thinking Gauge. The left half is red. The right is half yellow and half green. The needle is pointing to the very end of the yellow section, just before the green. Affective Skills Chart:
agency chart Curiosity, Creativity, and Critical Thinking Bar Graph. Engagement and Curiosity Bar is covers more than 3/4 of the graph and is trending up. The Student 4Cs covers more than 7/8 and is holding steady. The Teacher 4Cs covers more than 3/4 and is holding steady. affective skills chart

Impact of Learning & Service Operations (2020 Data) Assessments
2021 Service Learning Gauge The Operations Gauge. The circle is mostly red with a small amount of yellow and green on the bottom right side. The needle is pointing to the green. 2021 Assessments Gauge: The circle is 1/3 red, 1/3 yellow and 1/3 green. The needle points to the upper part of the red section.
  Operations bar graph. Three bars. The "Fund Balance" bar is green and covers more than 7/8 of the graph. The "Budget Actuals" is yellow and covers nearly the full graph, but is trending down. The "Facility Condition and Maintenance Planning" is green and covers nearly the whole graph.

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**The scorecard is a dynamic document. 2021 again represents an update in scorecard categories from previous years. Moving forward, new metrics will be identified to correspond with the new topic category or revised category indicators. Each data set is comprised of separate criteria and may vary from the inclusion of specific survey results to individual category metrics. Charts are compiled based on progress toward goal attainment and do not represent actual district performance data. If data met the orange threshold, partial attainment was credited, if green then full attainment. Indicators and metrics were merged to show the combined attainment for each data subset represented by the bar chart. Of the items for each component of the dashboard category, the total is aggregated on the dial gauge.