Affective Skills

A Farmington Area Public Schools graduate must have the learning experiences to create their own success in professional and societal environments that continue to rapidly evolve. Learners will need to be self-directed, flexible, and resilient. Throughout their career they may need to reskill, take calculated risks and learn to thrive in ambiguity. The key to them creating their own success will not only be a strong academic foundation, but also the development of core affective skills that will prepare them for whatever path they choose.

To further support the importance of these affective skills Farmington Area Public Schools created three Profiles of a Life-Long Learner through our strategic planning process to not only identify core affective skills, but also identify indicators of these skills.
• Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 1: All learners possess the capacity and resiliency to create opportunities and master challenges. • Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 2 Profile: All learners continuously achieve their academic and personal goals.   • Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 3: Each learner leads beneficial change locally and globally.
Three specific skills from the Profiles of the Life Longer Learner were included in the dashboard: Self-Direction

  • Effective time management skills
  • Effective workflow management skills
  • Ownership of choices and resulting outcomes


  • Growth mindset
  • Failure as an opportunity to grow
  • Overcome adversity through persistence, perseverance,  and self-advocacy 


  •  Ability to learn, unlearn, and re-learn
  • Accept feedback - both positive and constructive.  
  • Use of feedback to reflect and chart a new course 

Supporting Documentation: District Scorecard 2021 Affective Grades 3-5 District Scorecard 2021 Affective Grades 6-12