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QIAT Resource Bank

The resources here are posted by AT professionals around the country and include checklists, comparison charts, instructions for using popular applications and services as well as commonly used forms and toolkits.

The QIAT Leadership team thanks everyone for their willingness to share documents and information with the QIAT community. The posting of the following documents do not indicate an endorsement from the QIAT Leadership team. 


The Making of the New American Children's Voices Josh and Ella

Creating the new American children's voices Josh and Ella took more than 2,500 hours of research, recording, processing and development and, of course, the talent of two American children. A behind the scenes look at the project with Josh and Ella in the studio, recording their voices for Proloquo2Go.


Understanding Assistive Technology: Simply Said
Assistive technology can be a device or service that helps children with disabilities participate more independently within their environment at home or school.

Click here to see some great videos! - Understanding Assistive Technology: Simply Said, by Pacer Center.
- Check out PACER Center's Simon Technology Center!

The Simon Technology Center (STC) is dedicated to making the benefits of technology more accessible to children and adults with disabilities. Through a collaborated effort involving parents, professionals, and consumers, the STC can provide numerous services for your family, as well as resources and informative answers to your questions. Since 1987, the Simon Technology Center has helped many children and adults, with a variety of disabilities, use assistive technology to enhance learning, work and independence.


Have you seen the FCTD "AT in Action" video series?
This fully-captioned video series is designed to strengthen awareness of AT devices that help individuals with disabilities participate fully in school, at home, and in the community.

In our first video, we meet Sam, a young man with cerebral palsy who, with the help of AT, is a successful college student, blogger, and sportsman. Our most recent video introduces Elle, a young woman with cerebral palsy who uses AT to help her communicate with family, friends, and teachers.


News From Minnesota STAR Program :

“The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes opportunities for carol sing-alongs, Hanukkah songs, and bell choir concerts. Everyone can participate in these events with the help of assistive technology! STAR partners have many items available for loan and demonstration that can literally help you ring in the new year J

The Amigo is a portable video magnifier designed for use by individuals with low vision, perfect for looking at song lyrics or printed music. There is one in each of the loan programs at the Southern Minnesota Assistive Technology Center and at UCP of Central Minnesota.

Chattervox Voice Amplifier with Collar Microphone is a speech amplifier designed for use by individuals with weak voices or low-volume speech, which can help you sing loud and proud! It is in the loan program at the Southern Minnesota Assistive Technology Center.

Mino Professional Communicator with Stereo Earphones helps you hear better in most everyday situations. It is small and light weight like a cell phone, and delivers crystal clear speech. This is perfect for hearing the instructions from the choir director or conductor! It is in the loan program at PACER.

Enjoy watching those holiday shows on television? Check out the RF Stereo TV Listening System. It is in the loan program at the Center for Independent Living of Northeastern Minnesota.

Communication devices have the capability of playing songs/mp3s, some have the ability to be programmed with different songs or instruments…perfect for the holiday season! We have communication devices available at all of our partners. Check out our device database to locate the specific kind you would like to try:

Switches are another great way to participate in holiday music and singing activities. They can be hooked up to computers so you can use software such as Switch Ensemble, access recordable switches in bell choir, or run the lights for the stage! We have wireless switches, sip/puff, a finger switch, and proximity switches like the papoo available for loan. Check out the database to find those as well:

Victor Hugo said "Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." To find out more about how AT can help you make the sounds of the season, contact one of our partner programs today!

The Center For Independent Living of Northeastern Minnesota,, 218-262-6675.

PACER’s Simon Technology Center, 952-838-9000
Southern Minnesota Assistive Technology Center (SMATC), , 507-281-6262

United Cerebral Palsy of Central MN,, 320-253-0765

Jennie The content of this email message is educational in nature. It should not be assumed that the identification of any product, individual, or agency implies endorsement by the State of Minnesota, STAR, or the U.S Department of Education.”
Jennie Delisi, MA, MT-BC Assistive Technology Resource Specialist –
Minnesota STAR Program
Device Exchange: