Girl Scouts Provide Compost Bins

Girl Scout Troop 55854 Provides Compost Bins for Farmington Community Garden
Posted on 07/07/2022
Girl Scout Troop 55854

Compost is decayed organic material that can be used to fertilize and improve the soil. Girl Scout USA Troop 55854 based in Farmington has completed a project that will help to improve the Farmington Community Garden located at Meadowview Elementary. The Community Garden is managed by Farmington Community Education and also supported with a partnership with the city of Farmington, created in 2010. The Troop planned and built compost bins to be used at the Farmington Community Garden. 

The local Girl Scout Troop (5 Scouts and 4 parents) went through a number of designs based on available building materials and spending about 10 hours on planning, budgeting, and re-planning over the course of a year. The project was recently completed this spring in April with a total time of building and installing for 15 hours over four weeks. 

The project was funded by the Troop’s cookie sales profits. This particular project was their “Take Action” project for the second of two Journeys that are required before the Scouts can start working on their Gold Awards. Now that they are in 11th grade, they will start working on their individual Gold Award projects in the coming year. 

Michelle Carter, Troop Leader said, “The Scouts learned a lot about composting, engineering, project design and teamwork.”  Mandy Clementz, Community Coordinator at Farmington Community Education had this to say about the project, “This has been a great community partner project and we have been so impressed with the Troop’s energy and tenacity working on a project like this. We appreciate their support with the Community Garden!”

Girl Scouts building bins.