Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons at Dodge Middle School

Fall Saturday lessons continue this weekend Oct 7th through Oct 28th
Fall Sunday lessons continue this weekend Oct 8th through Oct 29th

Winter Saturday lessons will run from Jan 13th through Mar 2nd
Winter Sunday lessons (NEW!) will run from Jan 10th through Mar 3rd
Spring Saturday lessons will run from Mar 30th through May 18th
Spring Tu/Th Session-Y runs from Apr 2nd through Apr 25th
Spring Tu/Th Session-Z runs from May 2nd through May 28th

Click HERE starting on 10/30 (at 8:00 am) to register for winter & spring lessons

Adaptive and Group Lessons (summer): $75 per person
Semi-Private Lessons (summer): $140 per person

Make-Up Lessons
It is not logistically feasible to offer make-up lessons for participants that miss a day or two here and there. If/when an entire day of lessons is cancelled for all participants (due to severe weather or some mechanical failure at the pool), we will try to offer a make-up day for everyone affected. If there is not the ability to add a day, we will try to add time to the remaining lessons in that current session.

Colm Griffin, Aquatics Coordinator 
[email protected]
To Register: (651) 460-3200 
Pool Office: (651) 460-1515