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About Our Lessons

Students taking percussion lessons may choose from a variety of instruments, including snare drum, tympani, marching percussion, and more. Lessons are largely directed by the student’s preference of studies. *Only offered during the school year.

Private guitar lessons available for students, beginners and intermediate skill levels. Fees do not include lesson books. Instructor will provide information about purchasing lesson books

Learn to play or continue to develop your skills. Beginners take the first steps in learning posture, position, good practice habits and lots of fun songs! 

Brass Instruments 
Improve your brass skills by learning more about the physical, technical and creative aspects of your instrument. Lessons are tailored to each student’s individual needs. Lessons are available for coronet, trombone, euphonium and tuba.

During private one-on-one voice lessons we will work on the basics of singing, posture, breathing, performance-skills, and optional sight reading. There will be opportunities for recitals.

Private 30 minute lessons for beginner or intermediate students, scheduled after school hours. Home school student piano lessons are also available. Students will learn techniques of playing the piano and learning music. Fees do not include piano lesson books. Instructor will provide information about purchasing lesson books. Students must have access to a piano or keyboard for practice.

Do you have questions or are you ready to register? Please call 651-460-3200 or email [email protected].