Club Policies

We are so HAPPY to have your athlete in our program! A few policies we would appreciate that you keep in mind throughout your time with us! 


Proper clothing is essential for your child to perform safely & successfully. Please follow the guidelines listed below:

*Athletes may wear a leotard or gym shorts & a t-shirt. No zippers, buttons, or pockets, please!

*Remove all jewelry with the exception of newly pierced stud earrings.

*Hair must be pulled away from the face. .

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Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class starts. Being late is far more difficult on a child than what many parents may realize. We ask that you walk your child into the building for class and that you walk into the building to pick him/her up after class. All athletes should wait in the gym or hallway for their parents—athletes should not wait outside the building. 


Twist ‘N’ Tumble welcomes parents and friends to observe classes. Please feel free to watch from the doorways in the Cub House Gym and Rec Gym, and on the bleachers in the Main Gym. We are proud of how we teach your children. Siblings who come to watch class are their parent’s responsibility, and cannot be left unsupervised. Please refrain from coaching, talking to, or getting your child’s attention in any way during class. Interrupting classes could cause safety problems. If you need your child, please contact a coach during a class drink break to get your child out of class. 


Your tuition pays for a class spot, regardless of attendance. Tuition reductions and/or make-up classes cannot be granted for missed classes. However, as a courtesy, Twist ‘N’ Tumble students may make up a missed class with a free hour of Open Gym! (Limited to two free hours per month). Please get an open gym pass from your child’s coach. 


1. No unauthorized adults or children in the gym at any time.

2. No playing on any equipment without strict supervision of a coach before, after and during lessons.

3. No gymnastics or parkour in the hallway area while waiting for class to start.

4. No food, candy or drinks other than water may be in the gym,

5. All parents & children must keep their hands and feet to themselves and not touch or push others. 

Any athlete failing to abide by these rules will not be allowed to participate in class.


Gymnastics and Parkour are a sport and therefore, can be dangerous. To avoid unnecessary injury we must maintain control of each class by enforcing the rules of the gym. In the case of a child not listening we first attempt to redirect the child or group. If redirection is not working, our coaches will utilize missed turns, time-outs and in serious cases, removal from class. Any repeated misbehavior will be discussed with parents at the end of class. 


Communication happens multiple ways at Twist ‘N’ Tumble! Our newsletter is delivered to your inbox monthly, look at the info boards on the door at the entrance to our gym, talk to your child’s coach before or after class, watch for handouts your child may bring home, and follow us on FACEBOOK @FCEtwistntumble. 

For any questions you may call Community Education 651-460-3200 


We think it is FANTASTIC that you want photos or videos of your child doing all the GREAT things they will accomplish in our gym. However, at times it can pose a safety risk, so please remember: No FLASH photography (it can be distracting to other athletes in the middle of skills), stay in the viewing area, parents may not wander the gym to take photos or videos unless specifically directed by a coach. Be respectful of who else may be in the photo or video and ensure you have their permission if you plan to post it online. If you have questions or concerns about photos being taken, please reach out to the Program Coordinator at [email protected]


Each child will progress through gymnastics or parkour at their own pace. If you have questions about what class is right for your child, please reach out to [email protected] For the child’s safety and confidence, it is best to start them off at a lower level. If your child is ready to move to the next level within a 10-week session based on skill level and ability, coaches will notify parents during weeks 6-8, when coaches assess athletes for the next registration period. TNT utilizes, you should receive a sign-up email upon initial enrollment in our program, this tracks which class your child should sign up for each session. If you are unsure how to use My Skill Chart, please see the "resources" tab on our left menu. 

Thank you for choosing Twist ‘N’ Tumble for your child’s Gymnastics and/or Parkour Experience. We are always looking for ways to improve our programs for the Community Youth. Let us know how we can do better at any time by emailing [email protected]