Elementary Curriculum

Farmington Literacy Framework
In this link you will find the components of the Farmington Literacy Framework. You can find the MN State Standards, the Balanced Literacy Framework, the Components of Balanced Literacy and much more.

Literacy Instruction Using the Gradual Release Model
This area has documents from the Farmington Framework to support teachers utilizing the Gradual Release Model in literacy instruction.

Areas of Comprehension
This section describes the areas of comprehension along with the standards and skill statements K-5.

Literacy Resources
Here you will find web links to best practice in the area of literacy instruction.
Balanced Literacy Components
The Farmington Literacy Framework is grounded in the foundational beliefs of balanced literacy. This link brings you to more detailed information.

Read-Aloud Teaching Texts Mini Lesson Ideas
Here are links to the anchor text teaching point ideas for each grade level.

Writing and Language
Here you will find the Writing and Language Standards and Skill Statements for K-2 and 3-5.

Elementary Literacy Plan
Farmington Area Public Schools maintains an intentional focus on improving literacy instruction and ensuring that all students develop the literacy skills to be successful, life-long readers and learners.