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Resources for Special Education

In addition to the links below, other good places to search are

Pinterest and YouTube.  
Many licensed professionals share their favorite tools, assistive technology as well as suggestions for the classroom on these sites.


Tips & Suggestions

Special Education and Assistive technology tips and suggestions
Grouped by subject matter.

One handed Ipad Use

One handed Ipad use.
Suggestions for using an ipad with one hand.

Open Dyslexia

Dyslexia - fonts for computers - need Tech to install on district computers
OpenDyslexic is a new open sourced font created to increase readability for readers with dyslexia.
District computers require installation by the Technology staff, but home users are welcome to use this link to download fonts to personal devices.

Ipad Switch Control - The missing User Guide

Ipad Switch Control The Missing User Guide
Ablenet Inc 

Bridging Apps Website

BridgingApps - App search based on Age and criteria - IOS and Android
We assume that you are here because you want to improve a skill or creatively compensate for a deficit that may be preventing a person with a disability from maximizing their highest potential. Perhaps your nonverbal child has just been diagnosed with Autism, your client with Cerebral Palsy needs an accessible early learning tool, your student with Down syndrome requires repetitive practice of academic skills or you have recently become disabled due to an injury. No matter the diagnoses, BridgingApps believes that:
It is more important to focus on the person who is using the technology, rather than the device itself.


APPOLEARNING - IOS and Android app list
The appoLearning app features the best apps (IOS & Android) across more than 165 categories handpicked by more than 65 educational experts and scored using a transparent methodology.   appoLearning was created to give you the confidence to know that these apps will help your child learn. Every app has been selected and vetted by a team of experts, and scored according to metrics that matter.  
Download it from the App Store.


IPAD - APPS for Autism (ASD) - pdf
Autism Apps - Social Skills
A list of Apps for Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders.
J. Chase


IPAD - Speech Apps - pdf
Apps for Speech Therapy


IPAD - Apps for Reading Disabilities - pdf
50 Ipad apps for Reading Disabilities 

Easybee's Freebies

Easybee’s Freebies
Welcome to Easybee’s Freebies! Our freebies database is complied by ASHA certified speech language pathologists, with over 20 years of experience. They review each link taking into account the following- usefulness, audience, and subject matter. The Freebies generator is a comprehensive and user-friendly software program that links you directly to the best FREE speech therapy resources on the web. While adding new links daily…the freebies generator is a super fast, super easy program!


SmartyEars Apps
Apps range from simple apps for children with severe communication delays, to sophisticated apps designed for children with articulation delays and caseload management.