Reminder: Medication Authorization Forms

Reminder: Medication Authorization Forms
Posted on 07/02/2018
Medication BottleHello Tiger Families!

This is a friendly reminder that if you want y
our child(ren) to take either prescription or over the counter medication (e.g. Tylenol or Advil) at school, a physician and parent signed Medication Authorization form must be completed annually and returned to the building nurse before the medication is administered. Required forms are available here and will not be emailed to you this summer. 

Please note: 
1. An Anaphylaxis Action Plan is required to administer Epinephrine and/or Benadryl.
2. Students in grades 6-12 with asthma can carry their own inhalers with the completed form and demonstration of the ability to administer an inhaler appropriately. 

Please bring the signed permission form to your child’s school along with the appropriately labeled medication. If you have questions over the summer contact the Health Services Coordinator at 651-460-1965.