School Board Meeting Update

School Board Meeting Update
Posted on 08/24/2018
ISD 192 LogoDear Community:
You might soon notice changes to meetings of the ISD 192 Board of Education. In their ongoing effort to achieve the District mission and strategic direction by best serving all students, families, and staff, the Board has been working toward excellence in governance, management, and consultation. This developmental work has focused on roles, responsibilities, relationships, structure, and process grounded in the Education Leadership System (ELS) as developed by TeamWorks International, Inc. and Dennis Cheesebrow, Founder and Principal.

The Board has recently taken three important action steps to improve workflow, communications, dialogue, and learning:

— They created 5 committees: Executive, Finance and Long Range Planning, Policy, Public Engagement, and Legislative Policy. These committees meet with corresponding members of the administrative team to create plans that further the mission and vision of the school district.

— They created monthly work sessions that are the venue for learning, dialogue, renewing focus on district interests, and best serving the district mission and vision. No action is taken at a work session which is organized around a single “table” with board members and appropriate administrators in a shared working session. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings which generally are held in room 1201 of Farmington High School. Public comments are also welcome at these meetings, this occurs at the end of the session with comments being limited to feedback on the session agenda items. An audio recording is made and arrangements can be made to listen to it through the district office.

— They established monthly business meetings organized in the formal “arc” design, managed by the Board Chair through the use of Robert’s Rules. These meetings are video recorded and televised. Because School Board meetings are meetings which happen in public but are not meetings of the public, public comments occur before the meeting in an “open mic” format beginning 10 minutes before the meeting and lasting until the last citizen has spoken. It is important to note that for all public comments board members listen but do not engage.

The board is committed to improving everything about its process to better serve the school district, its students, and communities. These changes will be under constant review and additional changes will be made to modify and further improve as necessary. We all look forward to seeing you and hearing your input at an upcoming board meeting!