COVID 19 Dashboard: 2021-22

The Farmington Area Public Schools COVID-19 Dashboard, which tracks various data to help inform operation decisions, is also made available to the community on a weekly basis. While offering general health status, ISD 192 remains committed to protecting the privacy of individual student, faculty and staff information.

June 2021 - May 2022

Archival data: Final Update 05.27.2022

ISD 192 COVID 19 Case Numbers
 Employees Students 
The total number of ISD 192


Students with backpacks walking
The total numbers of ISD 192 students:


magnafied germ

The cumulative number of confirmed staff cases since 06.01.2021: 307

confirmed staff cases this week:

magnified germ

The cumulative number of confirmed student cases since 06.01.2021: 

  • Early Childhood –91
  • Elementary - 921
  • Middle - 439
  • High School - 493

confirmed student cases this week: 

  • Early Childhood – 0
  • Elementary - 25
  • Middle - 5
  • High School - 7

House with person inside

The number of staff currently in quarantine: 17

Houe with person inside
The number of students currently in quarantine: 

  • Early Childhood - 0
  • Elementary – 14
  • Middle – 4
  • High School - 5

Click here to see a breakdown of numbers by school building.

Dakota County Information
UPDATED 02.18.2022

COVID-19 data specific to zip code 55024 is no longer available. Dakota Country COVID-19 case number information may be found on the county website. 

The health and safety of learners and staff remains our top priority. It is important that all families and staff complete the Farmington Area Public Schools Daily Health Screening every morning before going to school.