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Welcome to the Community Resource Page, the district’s central posting place for community flyers. Farmington Area Public Schools collaborates with non-profit youth-serving organizations within the district to share their program opportunities with students by linking their information to this site.

Click here for a list of resources for student and families during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fine Print

All materials to be posted will be pre-approved. Requests may be sent here. Requests will be reviewed according to district guidelines and the decision to post is at the discretion of the District. Farmington Area Public Schools neither endorses nor sponsors the organizations or activities represented here. The Community Resource Page is provided as a community service.

Should you have any questions about an activity listed on the Community Resource Page, please contact the sponsoring organization.

Dakota County
Now Open: Recycling Poster & Video Contest
Dakota County encourages students to enter the annual Dakota County poster and video contest to celebrate America Recycles Day. Poster contest: All fourth-grade students can submit a poster to win prizes. Video contest: All students in grades 5–12 can submit a video to win a $100 gift card. This year’s contest theme is “Follow Your Recycling”. All posters and videos must be emailed to [email protected] no later than Friday Dec. 2 and adhere to the contest rules. Two winners in each contest will be selected. Visit Dakota County Poster & Video Contest for rules and information.
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Farmington MN
Outdoor Winter Clothing Swap! Nov 19, 2022
Rambling River Center Banquet Hall | 325 Oak Street | Noon to 3 p.m. On Nov. 19, bring your accepted items to the Rambling River Center and see what other items catch your eye. You don't need to bring an item to take an item, and vice versa!
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Farmington Youth Basketball Association
FYBA Rec Basketball Registration is Now Open
The Farmington Youth Basketball Association (FYBA) Rec basketball program (K-6 for Girls; K-8 for Boys) registration is now open. This is a great winter activity for kids! Visit the FYBA website for more information and to register
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Minnesota Children's Museum
Minnesota Children's Museum
Spring break activities from Minnesota Children's Museum! Stay busy this spring with these hands-on activities that use materials you probably already have around the house. Visit for other fun activity ideas to do at home.
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Anti vape
Start the Conversation
You can talk to your children or other young people you know about the dangers of e-cigarettes. Tell them about the harm that nicotine in any form can do to their growing brain. Let them know that you have a strong stance against them using any tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, now or in the future.
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Farmers Market
Access to Healthy Fruits and Vegetables
We are fortunate in the Farmington area to have a lot of great, affordable, healthy food options easily accessible during this time of year. See below for a list of resources, links and short descriptions of just a sampling of some of the food sources in our area, besides the standard grocery store.
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Fruits and Veggies
Fresh Fruits and Vegetables – How to Up the Appeal Factor
To celebrate National Nutrition Month, let’s encourage our children to eat more fruits and vegetables. An overall healthy diet includes a rich assortment of fruits and vegetables. The health benefits include a reduced risk for heart disease, certain cancers, obesity, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes . Childhood nutrition sets the stage for lifelong eating habits – so how do we get our picky eaters to consume more fruits and vegetables? Follow these tips on how to make fruits and vegetables a fun and convenient snack choice in your home:
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Decoding “Health Equity” – How Schools Can Make a Difference
The Farmington School District is part of a growing movement to advance health equity within schools and their surrounding communities. The aim of this work is to dedicate more attention to the students who are at higher risk due to social determinants and conditions. This involves identifying students that face barriers to health, by creating spaces for open dialogue among students, parents, and educators (i.e. focus groups, wellness meetings, safety forums). These assessments will shed light on how to improve the school environment and policies to better support all students in achieving optimal health.
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8 Ways to Encourage Physical Activity this Winter
As we head into the freezing cold Minnesota winter season, our children often struggle to find ways to stay active. Avoid the urge to snuggle in a blanket and watch movies every night! Physical activity has many health benefits –muscle strength, heart health, flexibility and coordination. Let’s set the bar higher this winter and get moving! Instilling a healthy lifestyle in childhood will roll over into adulthood. Here are a few activities that you might not think of as “exercise” that your family can try this winter!
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