2020 Senior Spotlight: Sydney D.

2020 Senior Spotlight: Sydney Dimapelis
Posted on 04/17/2020
Senior Spotlight: Sydney Dimapelis

Senior Spotlight: Sydney Dimapelis

     In honor of the Farmington High School 2020 graduating class, over the next several weeks we will be highlighting a few of our outstanding seniors. These students have been nominated by Farmington Area Public Schools staff members for exhibiting hard work and pursuing their spark with passion during their time at FHS. Today’s Senior Spotlight is: Sydney Dimapelis!

     Sydney was nominated by her High School Counselor, Barbra Walker, who said, “Sydney has overcome huge obstacles to have academic, personal, and social success. She is accepted to a 4 year private college and excited to pursue her dreams.” 

     At FHS Sydney has been involved in Choir, Theatre, Drama Club and Speech. Outside of school she works at Kwik Trip, which she says can be “very interesting and fun at times.” She is also involved in community theatre and enjoys writing and playing the ukulele in her free time. 

     The parts of her high school career Sydney is most proud include, earning an Honorable Mention in the Duo category at a Speech competition -- “It made me really happy because It made me feel like I was doing something good.” -- and getting into the Concert Choir -- “It made me feel accomplished. I dreamed of being in Concert Choir because I never felt like I could be good enough for it.”

     During her time at FHS, Sydney has dealt with some common high school challenges and some not so common high school challenges. When asked about the biggest challenges she faced, she mentioned balancing home life and school life but also her recent detainment in Peru at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

     In mid-March the entire country of Peru was quarantined and the airports were closed. Sydney and her family were left in a strict lockdown situation where only one person was able to leave their apartment at a time and everyone had to wear masks and gloves when going out. It was several weeks before Sydney and her family were able to return to the United States by way of a standby flight out of an air force base. 

     Sydney said the trip was mentally and emotionally challenging but also an important learning experience. “I learned a lot from it and it made me realize what’s going on in the world and how I may be having it hard but others could be having it way harder; and I learned positivity within the situation,” she said. 

     Sydney’s teachers and counselor have expressed great pride in how she conducts herself both in and out of school and are wishing her all the best for the future. Congrats, Sydney! 

Here’s a little more about Sydney and her time at FHS: 

All About Sydney


Favorite Classes & Teachers

“My favorite subject by far has to be Choir. It’s a class that has always stuck with me and has helped me grow in so many ways.”

Favorite High School Memory 

“It would have to be the Nashville Choir Tour my junior year. To me it was just an overall happy, fun time and it was a time where I got to know people more within my choir and share some beautiful music with the world.”

Future Plans

“I plan to go to Gustavus Adolphus College (Saint Peter, MN) to major in Biology or Biochemistry and do a minor in Performance of Theatre Arts.”

Advice for Future Seniors

“Cherish every moment you have -- the good, the bad or the embarrassing. All these moments are a part of who you are. Embrace it. Time goes by fast so just make the best out of it.”

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