FHS Debate Coach submits finalist debate topic

FHS Debate Coach, Rachel Baumann, submits finalist debate topic for 22-23
Posted on 08/20/2021
FHS Debate

Across the country high school students compete in formal debate every year. The topics they debate are carefully chosen. First a coach must research, write, and present a paper on the topic to a panel of judges. From there the top five topic areas are discussed by students and coaches and a final topic is chosen by popular vote. This year forty-seven delegates from nineteen states attended the NFHS Policy Debate Topic Selection Meeting from August 6-8, 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ten topic reports were presented, one of which was written by Farmington High School’s Debate Coach Rachel Baumann, along with the Rosemount Debate Coach, Nathan Wodarz. 

     Baumann and Wodarz’s topic report was on Global Health Security. It was chosen as one of the top five topic reports and will be on the ballot for the final 2022-23 national high school debate topic. Voting will take place this fall and the final topic will be announced in January 2022. 

     Topic reports must be meticulously researched. They are submitted by coaches across the country who have spent months preparing them. To have a topic report make it to the national voting stage is a significant accomplishment that reflects positively on Baumann, Wodarz, and the Farmington and Rosemount debate programs. “Even if we don’t win, I’m still pretty excited - it’s not like something like this happens every day,” Baumann shared in an email.