Fall 2021 iPad Information

Fall 2021 iPad Information
Posted on 08/10/2021
Fall 2021 iPad Information

Dear parents and guardians of students who take iPads home,

We are looking forward to the start of the 2021-22 school year! Time has gone by quickly as we are entering our tenth year of utilizing iPads in a 1:1 ratio to better personalize learning opportunities for students.

Better than 75% of our learners opted to check out their iPads for the summer! Students that participated in this summer's optional iPad checkout have already completed and agreed to the terms of the district 2021-22 iPad Loan Agreement using our RevTrak system. These students are set for the 2021-22 school year and may simply bring their issued iPad with them for the first day of school.

The following is general iPad information for families with learners in grades K-12 new to taking an iPad home and/or parents of students checking out their same iPads again this fall. In the next few weeks additional school-specific information will come from building principals regarding iPad deployments for their learners. For most schools this will be after the official start of the new academic year.

iPad Loan Agreement:
The 2021-22 iPad Loan Agreement is available for review (http://www.farmington.k12.mn.us/services/technology/i_pad_loan_agreement/). Please know that families and students must agree with the terms before an iPad can be issued. The terms of the iPad Loan Agreement have been updated for the 2021-22 school year. Please read closely before completing the agreement.

Once again, we will use the district's RevTrak system to document the acceptance of terms and allow families with learners in grades K-12 the option of enrolling in or electing to waive the iPad Protection Plan. RevTrak is used by Farmington Area Public Schools for managing electronic program enrollment and paying online. If you do not already have a RevTrak account, you will need to create one and add family member relationships to your account. Please have your Student ID number ready before creating an account. It is necessary to associate your child(ren) with your account. Student ID numbers can be found on District report card information. If you have created a Campus Portal (formerly Family Web Access) account to see student grades and schedules online, the student number (Student ID) is available when logged into your Campus Parent portal account. Students may also know their Student ID.

Apple IDs:
With our iPad management tools and the Self Service app, Apple IDs are no longer required for the school district to provide apps for our learners. However, Apple IDs are still required for access to the App Store and downloading apps of individual interest, accessing one's purchased app history, and using Apple's iCloud features. Some students already have an Apple ID. The school district does not have records of or access to Apple IDs and passwords. If you need help in recovering an Apple ID password please see Apple's support page for forgotten passwords (https://iforgot.apple.com/) or additional Apple ID support issues (http://www.apple.com/support/appleid).

Students Under 13 NEW to Taking iPads Home This Year:
As mentioned above Apple IDs are no longer required for us to issue district apps to student iPads. However, Apple ID's are still needed to download apps of individual interest from the app store and use iCloud functions. Parents/Guardians may create Apple IDs for children under the age of 13. If interested in creating an Apple ID for children under the age of 13, please see Apple's resource: "Family Sharing function and creating an Apple ID for your child. This link along with other helpful information is listed on our district iPad Loan FAQ page.

iPad Protection Plan for the 2021-22 School Year:
For students to leverage the use of the iPad for learning, basic care of the device is needed. We do understand that accidents can happen. Through RevTrak, we are offering the iPad Protection Plan. Those that opted to check out iPads for the summer and enroll in the iPad Protection Plan are already covered for the 2021-22 school year.

Please note that the iPad Protection Plan has co-payments for repairs beyond the first instance. Please read the iPad Loan Agreement for full details. As a reminder, the optional iPad Protection Plan does not cover intentional damage, lost iPads - OR - stolen, lost or damaged charging cables, power adapters, or cases.

Thank you in advance for your time as well as assistance in reviewing and agreeing to the iPad Loan Agreement terms and helping us make sure our check out of iPads for 2021-22 goes smoothly. Your ongoing support is most appreciated!