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ISD 192 “Replay,” music instrument donation program in need of instruments
Posted on 01/25/2023
 Former Farmington High School Band student, Paige Weides, chose to “pay it forward,” by gifting a trumpet to an elementary student who joined 5th grade band this past summer. Farmington Area Public Schools welcomes the donation of band instruments through its new community initiative, “Replay.”

Band is an exciting and rewarding part of the public school experience for many students. The Farmington Area Public Schools’ bands are no exception, with students performing in hundreds of school and community events throughout the year.  Nearly a thousand students across the district take part in the program, but not everyone who wants to play has the opportunity due to the high cost of band instruments.  

In 2021, Farmington Area Public Schools, ISD 192, launched a new program called Replay.  The program was put into place to provide used instruments to students, especially those whose families may not be able to afford the purchase or rental of an instrument.  Replay utilizes used instruments donated by residents of Farmington and surrounding communities by putting those instruments into students’ hands.  The program also accepts cash donations that are used to clean and repair the donated instruments so they are in good working order for the students.  To date the program has been a big success!  84 students who would have not had a chance to participate are currently utilizing the Replay program for the 2022-23 school year. 

The Replay program needs your help!  The band is in need of donations so it can continue to provide opportunities for students to utilize the program.  Instrument donations are now being accepted at all Farmington Area Public Schools. Simply drop off the instrument in any of the district's main offices and leave your name, email address, and phone number so we can send a “Thank You” note and a donation receipt.

For those who don’t have instruments to give, monetary donations to be used to clean and repair donated instruments are accepted through the Farmington Tiger Band Booster organization.   To make a cash donation, visit and click on the “Replay” tab.   

For more information, email [email protected]