Senior Spotlight: Kailey Ohlhues

Senior Spotlight: Kailey Ohlhues
Posted on 06/03/2020
Senior Spotlight: Kailey Ohlhues

Senior Spotlight: Kailey Ohlhues  

In honor of the Farmington High School 2020 graduating class, we have been highlighting a few of our outstanding seniors. These students have been nominated by Farmington Area Public Schools staff members for exhibiting hard work and pursuing their spark with passion during their time at FHS. Today’s Senior Spotlight is: Kailey Ohlhues!

Kailey was nominated for her determination and focus. “She came in as a freshman with goals in mind and met them without faltering. She works very hard and utilizes her resources very well. She is currently a part of our MNCAPS program in their medical program. I am so proud of Kailey and all that she has become. She is driven, focused and will achieve her dreams,” said Jami Duncan. 

     As a determined student with clear goals, time management was a challenge for Kailey when she first started high school. She eventually learned how to divide her time so she could meet all her obligations both in and outside the classroom. As a junior and senior student, Kailey decided to help incoming freshmen through the Link Crew program. “It was an honor to be able to help the new high school students. Being a freshman can be a very anxious time and I appreciated the opportunity to be part of a positive impact and guiding the students from middle school to high school,” she said. 

     Outside of school, Kailey is a competitive dancer at Synergy Dance Center. She has been dancing since she was three years old. “I am a member of the National Honors Society of Dance Arts (NHSDA). To be inducted requires community service, some activities like volunteering at Feed My Starving Children, dancing for the residents at Trinity Care Center, and watching children so parents can have a night out,” she said. 

       Congratulations, Kailey!


All About Kailey


Favorite Classes & Teachers

“I have a few favorite subjects in school, such as Math and Science because I love problem solving. Being part of the MNCAPS program has given me the opportunity to begin my medical education. Another subject is History, I am intrigued about the past and how the world has changed.”

Favorite High School Memory 

“My favorite high school memory is homecoming football games. I made a lot of great memories celebrating the Tiger pride all week-long with events leading up to the Homecoming game.”

Future Plans

“After high school, I will be attending the University of Minnesota, Duluth (UMD) and majoring in Biology. I chose UMD because they have an excellent pre-med program as well as partnerships with the Mayo Clinic. And you can’t go wrong with the beautiful outside scenery.”

Advice for Future Seniors

“The advice I would give to the future seniors is to savor the time and make the memories, it goes by faster than you think. Also, be kind to others, everyone has a story.”

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