Teacher Contract Approved

Teacher Contract Approved
Posted on 12/14/2021
Tiger Head

We are pleased to announce that Farmington Area Public School, ISD 192, and the Farmington Education Association, representing teachers in the school district, have reached an agreement for the 2021-2023 contract period. The parties had the opportunity to meet twelve times over the course of the last several months to collaborate and discuss a number of important topics impacting our educators. 

We did agree on a financial package that keeps our compensation competitive with surrounding districts and allows us to continue to attract and retain innovative and dedicated teachers. The contract structure compensates our teachers for additional years of teaching experience (called steps) as well as for obtaining additional college education or master's degree credits beyond their initial degree (called lanes). Teachers are one of the most educated employee groups among any industry, and our district is no exception with 76% of our teachers having obtained at least a master’s degree with half of those completing additional courses after their master’s degree to improve their instructional practices.

The total compensation package for the two-year contract, including salaries and benefits, is an 8.1% increase over the two years of the contract (this includes an increase to the matrix of steps and lanes of 2.5% each year). With the district's positive audit results, this allows us to maintain financial stability for our school community. To illustrate, for 2021-2022:

  • The starting salary for our teachers just out of college is $44,291 per year.
  • The average salary for our teachers with 1-5 years experience is: $49,845
  • The average salary for our teachers with 6-10 years experience is: $62,639
  • The average salary for our teachers with 11-15 years experience is:  $79,147
  • And the average salary for our teachers with more than 16 years experience is: $85,529

Over the past two unique and challenging years, our staff have been working continuously to provide our learners the education and relationships that are vital to their well-being. We thank all of our teachers, as well as the entire staff, for their hard work and ongoing dedication to the learners in ISD 192.