Updated Fall 2021 Protocols

Updated Fall 2021 Protocols
Posted on 08/24/2021
Tiger HeadFarmington Area Public Schools, like every other school district in the nation, has been navigating the complex and active task of flexibly organizing to meet the needs of our learners during the ongoing and dynamic changes in the Covid-19 pandemic. Having spent portions of the past two school years moving between various learning models (full, in person, hybrid, and distance learning) we are even more certain that the power of human relationships is crucial to the growth and development of our learners. 

As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic we have monitored our local circumstances and made decisions that prioritize in-person learning. Moving between learning models, being isolated from peers, and learning as a result of quarantines was significantly disruptive. To help our learners have consistent learning experiences with as few disruptions as possible and due to an increasing number of cases in Dakota County and in zip code 55024, in addition to the limited access to vaccination for our elementary and middle school learners, beginning Monday, August 30 all learners, staff, and visitors will be required to wear a face covering inside school buildings with programming for ages 3-8th grade through at least October 1, 2021 at which time this requirement will be reevaluated. At this time, masking for learners and staff in grades 9-12 is still strongly recommended. 

ISD 192 recognizes that changing protocols, especially the week before we begin school, can be difficult. For all, we ask for your understanding and support. Knowing the “why” is essential. Our primary objective is to ensure uninterrupted in-person learning. The implementation of face coverings as a prevention strategy for the transmission of COVID-19, supports this objective. Last year, students considered “close contacts” to someone who tested positive for COVID-19 had to be quarantined for ten days. Guidelines from the Minnesota Department of Health do not require “close contacts” to quarantine if vaccinated, or if both parties were wearing a mask. This means that students should have more consistency in their school experience.  

The district will continue to review our masking requirements regularly. We will consider local infection trends, vaccination rates, and overall influenza-like illness data in determining when the face mask requirement can be removed. Please see our website for additional back to school information and frequently asked questions. 

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