Resident Families

Please review the enrollment checklist below and gather your required items. Click the button to receive a registration email when you are ready to begin. Be aware, the link may go to your junk mail or spam folder. It is recommended you complete the registration on a desktop or laptop computer, not a mobile device. If you encounter any issues with the application, please call the Enrollment Center at 651-463-5052.

Please note: Registration applications MUST be APPROVED by 5 PM on 8/30/2023 in order for a new student to be enrolled for the first day of school on 9/5/2023.  Normally a student can start school three school days after the approval of their registration, but please contact your student's school with any questions.

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Enrollment for next school year (2024-2025) is currently closed and will open in December 2032 or January 2024.

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Please help us serve you better by using this checklist to prepare for the online enrollment process and collect the documents necessary for enrolling your student. You will have the opportunity to attached the required documents below during the registration process, otherwise please bring them into your child's school of attendance.



   º Acceptable documents are 1 of the following: birth certificate (original or copy), I-94, passport, hospital birth record

  •  If born in Minnesota, birth certificate information may be obtained from the Hennepin County Services Center automated information line at (612)348-8240.

        •  If born outside of Minnesota, contact the city or state health department where the student was born.


   º Only legal biological or adoptive parents are allowed to enroll a student. If you are not the legal biological parent of this student, one of the following forms or appropriate documentation will be required. The appropriate form is available after you register in the system and will need to be printed, signed, and uploaded when you begin the enrollment process.

  • Adoptive Parent – adoption documentation

• Legal Guardian – guardianship documentation

• Foster – court documentation or foster letter

• Ward of the State – court documentation or foster letter

• Other – Delegation of Powers and Residency Form

   º Court Orders. Upload any documents related to guardianship or custody limitations, if applicable.



   º A minimum of one emergency contact and their phone number

   º Immunization Record including month/day/year for all required vaccines is required OR Notarized Conscientious Exemption form

   º Student medications and any health concerns


 º Early Childhood Screening Verification (Early Childhood and Kindergarten enrollments only)

      • Required only if the student did not complete his/her early childhood developmental screening in this district. Screen verification must be submitted within 30 days of attendance.

   º Transcript (Grades 7 – 12 only) (Required only if student was last enrolled outside this district.)

• If available, please upload the most recent student transcript records. Records will be requested from the previous school district. They will be reviewed and enrollment may be delayed until records are received.

   º Day Care provider name, address and phone number.

   º Previous School. Including previous school name, district, city, state, and dates of attendance for all previous schools attended

Need help with enrollment? Call 651-463-5052 or visit the Enrollment Center.