Curricular Resources

In Farmington Area Schools, we use the Minnesota Standards as the backbone of our instruction along with district designed competencies.  The Minnesota Academic Standards for English Language Arts found here, define the content and skills of each discipline. Standards are the hub for instructional delivery. While most standards are at a low depth of knowledge, competencies are created at a higher cognitive demand. Competencies are aligned to state and national standards and allow learners to demonstrate the ability to apply or transfer content and skills in or across content areas. Click here for the Farmington Competencies and Rubrics.

Many different curricular resources are used to achieve these standards and competencies.  For information regarding specific resources used in your child’s classroom, please contact their teacher or the administrator of that building.

UFLI Foundations  - Grades K-5

UFLI Foundations is a curricular resource that helps learners build the foundational skills necessary for proficient reading. It follows a carefully developed plan structured to ensure learners systematically acquire each skill needed and learn to apply those skills quickly and confidently. The program is designed to be used for core instruction in grades K-2 and for intervention in grades 3-5.