iPad Loan FAQ

iPad FAQs - Please see the iPad Loan Agreement for full details

If I have my own iPad, can I bring it to school instead of using one provided by the District?
You are free to bring your own iPad in place of one provided by the District as long as the device is compatible with our systems and network. All we ask is that you enroll your device in our Mobile Device Management System so we can furnish you with the apps we are providing for all students.

Should I use my existing Apple ID or create a new one for the purpose of use at school?
Starting with the 2016-17 school year Apple ID's are no longer required in order for us to provide our core district issued apps. However, Apple ID's are still needed if one is interested in downloading apps of individual interest from the app store and may be required if classroom teachers are identifying apps for their individual classrooms. Apple IDs are still needed for iBooks, iTunes U access, and enabling some iCloud services on the device. According to Apple's policies students age 13 and over may create their own Apple ID. Parents/Guardians may create Apple IDs for children under the age of 13.

Apple ID’s are meant to be individual, but can be shared between multiple family members. Apple has "Family Sharing" which allows for up to 6 individual Apple IDs to be associated as a "family" group and share iTunes, iBooks, and App Store purchases. While you are free to use an existing Apple ID on a district issued iPad, it is encouraged to create a separate Apple ID for apps of individual interest, if you plan on taking/saving notes, saving or backing things to iCloud, using the messaging functions, etc.

For creating an Apple ID for children under the age of 13, please see Apple's resource on how parents/guardians may do this through their "Family Sharing" function and creating an Apple ID for your child.

Can I change my Apple ID once I have downloaded District-provided apps?
District issued apps no longer require an Apple iD. However, changing your Apple ID will cause you to lose your "purchase history" of apps associated with the original Apple ID. Please be certain about the Apple ID you intend to use and make note of your email address used along with the answers to the security questions you selected when you set up the Apple ID.

Since I am using my own Apple ID, can I load whatever apps I want?
Although you are free to load apps of your choice beyond those provided for you by the District, you must keep in mind that the iPad is a District-owned learning tool and intended to be used to enhance your learning experience. You must also be aware of the storage space built into the iPad (16G).

What does the optional iPad Protection Plan cover?
The $35.00/regular school year and $45/full year iPad Protection Plan provides coverage for non-warranty repair, accidental damage (drops/spills), cracked screens, power surges, theft (with filed police report), vandalism by others, fire, flood and other natural disasters. The $35.00/regular school year or $45/full year fee payment is nonrefundable. This annual coverage begins upon receipt of the payment and ends at the conclusion of the regular school year (“Full Year” iPad Protection Plan coverage for those opting to participate extends over the summer months). The iPad Protection Plan does not cover lost iPads, intentional damage –OR– stolen, lost or damaged charging cables, power adapter charging “bricks,” or cases.

If I have more than one child attending school in the District, do I have to pay the iPad Protection Plan fee for all of them?
The iPad Protection Plan payments have a family maximum cap based upon two student enrollments per family for the type of iPad Protection Plan selected (Full Year coverage, Regular School Year coverage, or combination thereof). Please see the "Agree to Terms" page for more information.

Is the iPad case as durable as the case used in previous years?
The STM DUX case has been designed to meet or exceed the U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810F/G durability tests (26 drops at 4 ft.). This case has been engineered with education environments in mind. The STM DUX case actually offers greater protection of the screen when closed for transport or carrying in a backpack. One of the side benefits is that the screen protector cannot be removed from the all in one case design. The rigid protective cover of the STM DUX better resists pressure placed against the glass when packed within a backpack and also better holds up to the friction and scratching, for example, of the metal spine of a spiral notebook that may be in a backpack as well. The screen protector flap is thicker than the plastic screen protector on our previous case, and in addition the magnetic cover secures it without inadvertently turning the device on and draining battery life. The case has also been designed with some “stand off” ridges to help minimize damage in drops on a hard flat surface such as concrete. In addition, unlike the “crumple zone” plastics of the previous case, the STM DUX has reinforced rubberized corners to help absorb impact on corner drops.

Summer iPad FAQs

Why offer an optional summer iPad checkout?

The option for summer iPad checkout supports our efforts to foster open-ended, personalized learning opportunities; curiosity; exploration and continued access to creative tools and resources. We are fortunate to have this as an option for our students and families. In the past, changes in operating systems, management software, and the end of lease schedules have prevented us from making summer iPad checkout an option.

What student grade levels are eligible to take advantage of the optional summer iPad checkout?

Students that are currently in grades 3-11 and have taken iPads home during the school year are eligible to checkout their assigned iPad for the summer months. Seniors will need to check in their assigned iPads before the end of the school year. These iPads will be redistributed for next year’s 3rd graders.

Can students/families elect to turn in their assigned iPad before school is out?

Yes. iPads may be checked in this spring and checked out again to the student in the fall.

What are the requirements to participate in the optional summer iPad checkout?

Students/Families interested in checking out their issued iPad for the summer must agree to the terms in the 2019-20 iPad Loan Agreement and determine if they wish to enroll in the iPad Protection Plan which will extend accidental iPad damage coverage for the full year, summer through next spring.

If a student checks out her/his iPad for the summer, does she/he have to check it out again in the fall?

No. Students checking out their assigned iPad for the summer are set for the next school year. Students would simply need to bring their iPad back as a school supply and not have to go through the fall iPad check out process.

Do students/families need to agree to the 2019-20 iPad Loan Agreement?

Yes. In order to be issued an iPad for the summer or next fall, students/families need to agree to the iPad Loan Agreement.

Is there an updated option for the iPad Protection Plan that includes the summer months?

Yes. This spring in FeePay there will be an option for an iPad Protection Plan that extends coverage for a full year (summer through next spring). An iPad Protection Plan for the regular school year will be available in the fall.

What is the participation fee for opting to participate in the full year iPad Protection Plan that will extend coverage over the summer?

The iPad Protection Plan option for the full year is $45/student. There is a family maximum cap for full year coverage of $90 for families with three or more students in our schools that are issued iPads to take home. Enrollment in the iPad Protection Plan program will be offered by the school district for families that qualify for free and reduced priced lunch. Please see the "Agree to Terms" page for additional information.

What is the participation fee for the iPad Protection Plan for just the regular school year?

Starting again in the fall, the iPad Protection Plan for the regular school year will be $35/student with a family maximum cap of $70 for iPad Protection Plan coverage for the regular school year. Enrollment in the iPad Protection Plan program will be offered by the school district for families that qualify for free and reduced priced lunch. Please see the "Agree to Terms" page for additional information.

Is there still a “family maximum cap” for the iPad Protection Plan?

Yes. For families with more than two students that take iPads home there is a maximum family cap for those opting in the iPad Protection Plan. The iPad Protection Plan family cap is based upon the cost of participation for two students. As an example, for those opting for the iPad Protection Plan for the full year, the family cap is $90/year. Starting in the fall, the iPad Protection Plan for the regular school year will again be available and have a family cap of $70 for two or more students opting for just the regular school year. If there is a mix of one full year and one or more regular school year coverage enrollments, the family cap would be $80/year.

What will the process be for fall checkout for students not checking out their assigned iPad for the summer?

Similar to previous years, new students and returning students that have not checked out their iPads for the summer will check out their issued iPads again in the fall according to the schedule determined at the individual sites.

Will there be technical service and repair available over the summer?

Yes. We will have “drop-off” service repair for iPads over the summer. iPads in need of service may be dropped of with the administrative assistants at the District Service Center located on the lower level (south entrance) at 20655 Flagstaff Ave. Farmington, MN during normal summer business hours. A repair request form with contact information must be completed at the time of drop off. If possible on devices being submitted for repairs, the iPad should be backed up to iCloud and crucial files saved to the student's Google Drive. Pass codes should also be turned off and after backing up, logout of "iCloud" and turn off "Find My iPad" so that our Apple Authorized Service Provider will be able to repair the device. Is there a co-payment for the cost of more than 1 iPad repair/replacement claim made during the same iPad Protection Plan period? Yes. However, for those opting for the iPad Protection Plan there is no co-payment for the first instance of a repair claim made during the iPad Protection Plan period. A co-payment deductible fee for the repair or replacement of an iPad is required for multiple instances or claims made during the same period of coverage for the selected iPad Protection Plan. As an example, for one who has “full year” iPad Protection Plan coverage that has a covered damage claim during the summer months, there is no additional repair fee. However, if there was a second instance of covered damage during the school year for the same user, this would count as the “second claim” during the “full year” coverage period, and a co-payment will be required to help offset the cost of the iPad repair or replacement. Please see the iPad Protection Plan for additional information.


What is the process over the summer for iPads in need of repair?

iPads that are in need of service may be dropped off in person at the District Service Center located on the lower level (south entrance) at 20655 Flagstaff Ave. An iPad Repair Request form which includes a description of the issue, student name, school, 2019-20 grade and contact information will also need to be completed at the time of drop off. Depending upon the nature of the issue, the target turn around for service work is two weeks.

Will devices needing repair over the summer be swapped out for a replacement iPad as they are during the school year?

No. During the summer months iPads requiring service will be sent in for service and following any necessary repairs returned to the student/family to whom the device was originally issued.

Will iPads be available for summer school use for those students not opting to check  the iPad out over the summer?

Yes. The iPads that have been issued to students will be available and need to remain on site for those students involved in summer academic programs that are not opting for summer iPad check out.

Will there be a fall iPad Loan Agreement and optional iPad Protection Plan?

Yes. Summer iPad check out and the accompanying full-year iPad Protection Plan will only be available this spring. The 2019-20 iPad Loan Agreement applies to both the full and regular school years. An iPad Protection Plan for the regular school year will again be available in the fall.

How do I register for the optional iPad checkout for the summer?

Families will again need use FeePay this spring in order to agree to the 2019-20 iPad Loan Agreement and determine if wanting to enroll in the year-long iPad Protection Plan. iPads issued to students will then need to be checked back out to the student in their school’s media center.

What information is needed for FeePay?

If you have not already created a FeePay account with the district, you will need to create one. Please have your child's student identification number ready, as it is necessary for creating the account the first time. If you desire further help or instruction, please refer to the ISD 192 FeePay Setup guide. Parents that have already created FeePay accounts and have associations with their child(ren) in the system are set to log in and select the appropriate iPad Loan Agreement activity.

What if I forgot my FeePay password?

On the FeePay login screen, please use the “Forgot Password” link above the password box to help recover your forgotten password. A “password reset email” will be sent.

What is the date by which students/families need to register for the optional summer iPad checkout?

In order to assist with end of year timelines and logistics, please have have FeePay registration for the optional summer iPad check out done by May 23, 2019.

Will current district profiles used to manage the iPad still be in place for the summer?

Yes. Like the regular school year, all district issued iPads will remain enrolled in Casper (Jamf Pro), our Mobile Device Management Software.

Will “administrative restrictions” be enabled over the summer?

No. “Administrative restrictions” set at the individual building level will be turned off for the summer. If you believe this will present an issue for your child, know that your child’s device may be checked in for the summer. Additional information for parents on setting restrictions (also known as ‘parental controls’) on iOS devices is available from Apple. Parents may also choose to use Apple’s Guided Access feature for setting session limitations.

Are there ways for parents/guardians to limit and control access on the iPad?

Absolutely. Please see Apple’s  information for parents on setting restrictions (also known as ‘parental controls’) on iOS devices. Parents may also choose to use Apple’s Guided Access feature for setting session limitations.

If we are new to the district or my child will be new to taking the iPad home next school year, when will the iPad for my child be issued?

iPads will be issued in the fall for students new to the district and students new to taking iPads home for the 2019-20 school year.

Will district issued apps and the Self Service app still be available over the summer?

Absolutely. Students will still have access to the District provided core apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie, GarageBand, as well as Notability, Explain Everything and access to their Google Apps for Education Google Drive.

Are Apple IDs still needed to download apps of individual interest?

Yes. Even though Apple has changed the process for schools to distribute apps, Apple IDs will still be needed in order to download apps of individual interest. However, Apple IDs will no longer be required for the school district to issue the District provided core collection of apps to students.

Over the summer months, what happens to course specific apps that were assigned for a particular school term?

Apps issued for particular courses during the school year will be reclaimed for reuse with students in specific courses next year. Students should make sure any projects from these specialty apps are saved to their Google Drive.

Should the iPads and projects still be backed up to one’s Google Drive over the summer?

Absolutely. Regardless of the time of year, students should regularly backup crucial projects and other projects that they would like to save to their Google Drive (their ISD 192 Google Suite for Education Google Drive).

Will secondary students need to change their district password in order to continue to access Schoology and Google Drive?

Yes. Every 150 days secondary students will need to update their District Network password. Secondary students that have successfully changed their District password in May should be set until next fall. Student directions for updating their District Network password is available online. Students will also still have access on their iPad to the webclip for changing their password.

What happens if an iPad is lost or stolen over the summer?

As noted in the iPad Loan Agreement’s section regarding the iPad Protection Plan, Lost iPads are not covered by the iPad Protection Plan and remain the responsibility of the family to find or reimburse the District for the replacement of the iPad. One may use the “Find My iPad” function with the Apple ID on the device to help locate iPads that may still be on and connected to a WiFi network. For consistency and as also noted in the iPad Loan Agreement, Stolen iPads should be reported to the Police to have a police report filed and also reported to the building principal. The iPad Protection Plan does cover the theft (with police report) of a stolen iPad but not the accessories. As a theft protection measure District iPad serial numbers have been registered with Apple’s Device Enrollment Program servers and may only be activated with a valid ISD 192 username and password.

What if my child is starting in a new school building next year?

As in previous years, students not checking out an iPad for the summer and transitioning between buildings between school years will have their issued iPad available at their new school location in the fall for checkout. Students that have checked out their assigned iPad for the summer will bring it with them as a school supply to their new building location.

If I turn my iPad in this spring, should I bring my District-issued charging brick and cord?

Returning students opting to check in iPads for storage over the summer do not have to turn in their District issued Apple power adapter and Lightning/USB cable. However, as stated in the iPad Loan Agreement students will be responsible for turning in their District issued Apple power adapter and Apple Lightning/USB cable before the end of our current iPad lease deployment or before withdrawing from the District. If you choose to turn in the issued power adapter and Lightning/USB cable for summer storage, it will be collected at the same time as the iPad according to the student’s school site.

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