Special Education Services

Farmington School District Special Education Services

Farmington School District provides students with special needs additional assistance as mandated under the IDEA '97 Federal Law. Special education services are provided from birth to age twenty-one. Any student attending a public or private school is eligible to be evaluated by the school district. Services are provided from birth to school age for any child in the district with a disability. Call the special education office if you have questions or need more information.

Currently, students in kindergarten through 12th grade identified as exhibiting difficulty can be referred to their school's Student Assistance Team or Intervention Team by parents, teachers or administration. The team consists of the school psychologist, parent, classroom teachers and specialists. They will develop interventions to be used in the classroom to help the student. If the student continues to have difficulty and the parent agrees, a number of tests, observations and assessments will be given. If the student's scores meet the criteria set by the Minnesota Department of Education, the student is eligible for special education services. The student can receive help in the form of small group and individualized instruction.

If you know or suspect that your child has a disability and is not yet in school, you may call (651) 460-3833 to talk with Tara Owens, Early Childhood Coordinator.

An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is written to meet the needs of the student. Students who have speech, vision, hearing, physical, developmental problems or a specific condition which may cause difficulty such as Attention Deficit Disorder or Autism are eligible for services.

Costs for special services are defrayed through federal funds received for special needs students. The school district follows the state and federal guidelines when applying for special education funding. Federal law also provides for additional training of staff to keep them current on the latest advances and techniques for working with children with special needs.

Anyone wishing further information may call Dana Strop, Director of Special Services at (651) 463-5020.