Early Learning

The early childhood years are an important time of rapid growth and learning, and are critical for later outcomes.  Farmington Area Schools early learning programs are for all children birth through 5 years. By following this link, you can access Farmington Community Education's current programming. 

To ensure that Farmington students entering Kindergarten are on the road to success, the following goals will be addressed:

  • Child is at least five years of age by September 1 of the child’s enrollment year (120A.20).
  • Child has received early childhood screening (121A.17).
  • Child has received medically acceptable immunizations (121A.15).
  • Providing assistance to families needing preschool programming for their child.

The Farmington Early Learning programs will assist families in making sure that screening is done between the ages of 3 and 4, by increasing the number of Early Childhood Screening days, along with a variety of day options.  An increase in marketing will also aid in reaching families with in the district giving information about Early Childhood Screening.

The Wee Tigers and ECFE programs have noticed a decline in social emotional development in the children entering programs.  Wee Tigers will strive to work on the Teaching Strategies social emotional goal 2C:  Interacts with peers.  Our goal will be that the number of 4 year old students who move up 2 levels in the 2C domain (interacts with peers) by the end of the school year will increase from 24% to 40% in 2022-2023.

The School Readiness program will assist families by providing a preschool program that includes authentic assessments when the child enters and exit the program to improve program planning, implementation, communication with parents,  to measure growth and promote kindergarten readiness. The teachers will have knowledge of early childhood curriculum, assessment, language development, and instruction.

To acquire a seamless transition from Preschool programming and Kindergarten, reports will be completed by the Early Childhood team and sent to the Kindergarten staff in late spring, for the upcoming school year.