Counseling Resources for ISD 192 Families
December 17, 2021

As was previously communicated, on December 16th, 2021, Farmington Area Public Schools, ISD 192, was informed about a threat of violence toward our schools late in the evening. At this time Farmington Area Public Schools is working closely with the Farmington Police Department to investigate the threat. Please know that all threats of violence are being taken seriously, investigated swiftly and thoroughly. There are serious consequences for any person who makes threats, real or otherwise. 

As we prioritize schools to be a safe place, threats or acts of violence can provoke feelings of confusion, anger, fear, and worry. These types of situations can cause panic and emotional distress. Your child will look to adults for information and guidance in how to react. Families and school personnel can help children feel safe by establishing a sense of normalcy and security and by talking to them about their feelings. 

As a school community, we are taking every measure to ensure that everyone in our community is safe. We understand that situations like this may bring up feelings of worry and fear. Please reach out to your teachers, school counselors, and administrators if your student needs additional support. Again, we want to remind you that school is safe and there are many adults who are here to support and protect our learners.

A couple tips for parents/guardians:

  • Encourage students to talk about their feelings about the situation.
  • Reassure students that they are safe and the school is safe. 

Your children are our top priority, and we will continue to keep their learning environments a safe and supportive place. Below are some resources curated by our school counselors for families to utilize in the coming days.

Resources for talking to your children about school violence:

The school counselors, school psychologists and district social workers are available to support your student. You can see their contact information below: 

Farmington Elementary School
Megan Sowieja, [email protected]
Ami Fimreite, [email protected] (and ARES)

Meadowview Elementary School
Jackie Brand, [email protected]
Coriann Ponath, [email protected]

North Trail Elementary School
Lisa Christensen, [email protected]
Brandon Homb, [email protected]  (and MVES)

Riverview Elementary School

Jessica Alladin, [email protected]
Nicole Felipe, [email protected]
Jean Gregory, [email protected] (school psychologist)

Akin Road Elementary School
Jody Pfeiffer, [email protected] 
Ami Fimreite, [email protected] (and FES)

Boeckman Middle School 
Tenille Jennings 6th Grade
[email protected]
Nicole Pierce 7th Grade
[email protected]
Nicole McGuire8th Grade
[email protected]
Laura Angell (school psychologist and at Dodge)
[email protected] 

Dodge Middle School
Jennifer Hogan (working with last names A-K) 
[email protected]
Glee Slater L-Z (working with last names L-Z) 
[email protected]

Farmington High School
Barbara Walker (working with last names A-BL)
[email protected]
Nathan Yager (working with last names Bo-F) 
[email protected]
Katie Kelly (working with last names G-KL)
[email protected]
Alyssa Belko (working with last names Km-N) 
[email protected]
Jerry Pfau (working with last names O-Si) 
[email protected] 
Chelsy Newman (working with last names Sk-Z) 
[email protected] 
Megan Wagner (Chemical & Mental Health) 
[email protected]
Lauren Brinkman (School Psychologist)
[email protected]

District Wide Family Resource Coordinator/Social Worker
Kate Adams
[email protected]