Emergency Flexible Learning Days

Emergency Flexible Learning Days

We are fortunate to be able to address a school closing very naturally, through a Flexible Learning Day. Because of our digital learning platform, Schoology, and the fact that over 95% of our students have Internet access in their home, the learning does not stop.

If school is cancelled, all teachers will post work by 10 a.m. for the students they would have seen that day. They have been asked to use Schoology if at all possible so that students and families have one place to look. Schoology also provides a wonderful platform for posting materials students will need, for interaction, or for brief videos of content teachers would like delivered. There may be rare exceptions where Schoology will not work for someone, especially in the youngest grades, so check email if nothing is up on Schoology, or call your teacher(s) if for any reason you do not have an Internet connection.

In preparation for Emergency Flexible Learning Days, teachers have been asked to:

  • Anticipate time requirements recognizing students learn at different paces, especially in an independent context.

  • Provide a timely plan, posting work for the day by 10 a.m.

  • Be present on Schoology and email during the Flexible Learning Day

  • Plan for self-directed, independent learning with specific consideration to age and individual learning needs.

  • Customize learning opportunities especially in troubleshooting student challenges.

  • Communicate with colleagues to ensure common expectations, communications, and protocols.

Our world is becoming pervasively digital and having the skills to learn well online is critical. Much of college curriculum and business training are today done this way, and this will only continue to grow. We know there are unique challenges for our students with special needs to perform academic tasks independently and we are continually working to improve the process. Still, our online, digital platform offers opportunities to continue the learning in the event of an emergency school closing when in the past, our only option has been to make up the day much later or not at all.