Congrats to FHS Bilingual Seal Recipients!

Congrats to FHS Bilingual Seal Recipients!
Posted on 04/26/2024
Congrats to FHS Bilingual Seal Recipients!The Minnesota Department of Education’s Bilingual Seals program is an accreditation that multilingual learners may earn by taking an assessment which covers the four domains of language - speaking, reading, listening, and writing. If a learner passes the language exam they not only receive a seal that is on their transcript, but they also receive college credit that is accepted at all MNSCU colleges and universities, as well as other post secondary institutions across the country. More information can be found on the MDE Bilingual Seal Program website. 

At Farmington High School, 32 current 11th and 12th graders earned college credit through the Bilingual Seal Program. Learners gain college credit by the level at which they pass: Certificate - 2 credits; Gold - 3 credits; Platinum - 4 credits.

The class of 2024 (current 12th graders), collectively earned 7 Gold Seals and 9 World Language Certificates of Proficiency resulting in a whopping 39 college credits over the past two years. The class of 2025 (current 11th graders) has already earned 36 college credits (4 Gold Seals and 12 World Language Certificates). 11th graders may take the assessment again as 12th graders in an attempt to improve their score. It is also important to note that the Bilingual Seals program requires a learner to demonstrate capacity across all 4 modalities (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) to receive an award. 

"This accomplishment speaks loudly to [the learners'] determination, perseverance, and awesome language skills. Major shout-outs and gratitude to the educators and family/community members who have supported, cared for, and encouraged them throughout their school careers! The ability to speak multiple languages and communicate across cultures is a gift, and it’s one we are proud to nurture and honor in Farmington," ISD 192 Equity Coordinator Mauri Deer said in an email sharing the news.