Future Ready

Formal learning assessments, more commonly known as tests, are one way that learning is measured and evaluated in Farmington Area Public Schools. Students are given many opportunities to demonstrate both knowledge and skill at every level throughout their time in our schools. As a part of a comprehensive learning assessment, formal exams play an important role in measuring growth over time,  providing opportunities for teachers to help identify strengths and areas for continued growth, and ensuring students are ready for life beyond high school.

About District Learning Assessments


The ACT is one of the most valuable assessments our learners complete. The ACT is a national standardized test developed to determine college readiness for high school students and college admissions. Farmington High School offers the ACT to all 11th grade students once a year during the school day. Nearly all FHS students take the ACT and the district uses their best score in each subject since many choose to take the test more than once.

Our scores: 
— The FHS class of 2019 had a combined top composite score of 21.3.
— The corresponding national average composite score is 20.8.
— Those in the class of 2019 who chose to take the ACT two or more times had an average composite score of 22.4.

2019 FHS ACT Scores

ACT Three Year Average


For learners in grades 2-8, the NWEA MAP assessment is a powerful tool which provides timely feedback. It is typically administered both in the fall and the spring to show growth over time.     

Farmington Area district averages are consistently at or above the national average. According to the data, the percentage of Farmington Area students meeting the growth targets for their grade routinely exceed the national norm.


MCA Reading


Learners in grades 3-11 take state standardized tests, the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs), each spring. The MCAs are designed to test students against the state academic standards in reading, math and science.     

The Minnesota Department of Education measures “MCA proficiency” as the number of students that meet or exceed grade level standards divided by the sum of students with valid test results, students who opt-out or refuse to take the test, and students who are absent, did not take the test, did not complete the test or had their test invalidated for any reason.

Therefore, students who choose not to take the MCAs are counted by the MDE as not being proficient.

Our scores: 
— The percentage of students in grades 3-8 scoring at or above proficiency levels is greater than the state average in Math, Reading, and Science.
— The percentage of students in high school (grades 10 and 11) scoring at or above proficiency levels is lower than the state averages in Math, Reading, and Science. Many FHS families value other assessments (ACT, AP exams,… etc.) over the MCAs. 
— We have a large opt-out rate. In the 2016-2017 school year we had a record number of students opt out of the MCAs. Since then opt out numbers have leveled out at just under 6% of students choosing not to take the MCAs.
— We have a smaller achievement gap than average. The percentage of Farmington Area students belonging to special populations (Free or Reduced Lunch, Special Education, and English Language Learners) who scored at or above proficiency levels on the MCAs is higher than state averages in nearly all areas.