2023 Elementary Science Fair Highlights!

2023 Elementary Science Fair Highlights!
Posted on 03/21/2023
RVES Science Fair      Each spring students from ISD 192’s five elementary schools host their own unique science fairs. The students in grades 3-5 may go on to the Southern Minnesota Regional Science and Engineering Fair in late April. Farmington Area Public Schools, ISD 192 would like to extend a warm congratulations to all the elementary students who chose to participate in this year’s science fair! Below are some highlights from each school’s 2023 science fair. 

Akin Road Elementary Schools (ARES) 
     Congratulations to all the Akin Road Elementary students who participated in the ARES 2023 Science Fair on March 8th! The winners from ARES are: 
    5th Grade: 1st Place: Alayna Ketcher (Which craft product is the most washable?); 2nd Place: Ethan Zielinski (Melt that ice); 3rd Place TIE: Roman Butterfield (Fruit vs. Time), Billi Fenlon (Which disinfectants work the best?) and Evan Anderson (Can water make a good battery?)
     4th Grade; 1st Place TIE: Anna Aarness (Can measuring atmospheric pressure help predict the weather?) and Aubrey Glanzer (Should you rethink what you drink?); 2nd Place: Maxton Ditter (Butter vs. margarine in chocolate chip cookies); 3rd Place: Bradley Kitio (Scrumptious/Supersaturation)
     3rd Grade: 1st Place: Benjamin Macmillan (Brushing my teeth); 2nd Place: Ben Svare (How temperature changes the bounce of LaCrosse balls); 3rd Place: Claire Nohava (Bubble Yum)
     2nd Grade: 1st Place: Julia Ketcher (Which compound grows the biggest crystals?); 2nd Place: Elora Supergan (Egg dropping); 3rd Place: Gavin Fearnhead (Volcano)
     1st Grade: 1st Place: Emma Nohava (Farmington trash); 2nd Place: Owen Carpenter (How to grow a real lemon tree from a lemon seed); 3rd Place: Rylan Ditter (Changing flower color)
     Kindergarten: 1st Place: Clara Ketcher (Types of clouds)

Farmington Elementary School (FES)

     Congratulations to all the FES students who participated in the 2023 FES Science Fair! Four students from Farmington Elementary School qualified to move on to the regional science fair: Katrina Deplazes, Christina Rice, Samara Foster and Ike Elvestad. These students were recognized during school announcements and all the participants received certificates recognizing their efforts. 

Meadowview Elementary School (MVES)

     Congratulations to all the Meadowveiw Elementary students who have chosen to participate in the 2023 Science Fair! The MVES Science Fair won’t take place until April 20, but the participants are already hard at work on their projects. Any student in grades 3-5 may submit a project for the regional science fair. Be sure to watch this space and our social media channels for highlights from the upcoming MVES Science Fair.  

North Trail Elementary School (NTES)
     Congratulations to all the North Trail Elementary students who participated in the 2023 Science Fair! This year five team projects and five individual projects qualified to move on to the regional science fair. 
     The five team projects were done by: Vivian Oguamanam and Ian Ruiz; Olivia Boldt and Nora Richie; Karmen Gordon and Shelby Carroll; Kelly Carroll and Aubrey Harklerode; and London Kujwawa and Emi Fellows.
     The five individual projects were done by: Remi Fitzwater; Kayla Rezac, Zachary Jensen, Aaron Jensen, Mitra Suriyanarayanar.

Riverview Elementary School (RVES)  
     Congratulations to all the Riverview Elementary students who participated in the 2023 Science Fair! This year all 3rd-5th grade students who followed the scientific method were given the option to move on to regionals. The list of participants is as follows:
     2nd Grade: Ella Macomber, August Urberg, Nathan Koester, Kaden Kosidowski, Zachary Kuoppala, Finn McKnight, Henrik Bonde, Noah Sather, Abigail Tilahun, and Joycelyn Davis.
     3rd Grade: Hunter Vick, Tiago Martins, Layla Sheets, Emily Bower, Graham Boe and Mason Boyum.
     4th Grade: Rylee Kipp, Brynn Loos, Carson Hall, Gabrielle Boelman, Charlie Boyum, Maria Walker, Lily Rubio, Eliott Moline, Amelia Demeuse, Maverick Gerwing and Stella Gessell. 
     5th Grade: Jackson Koester, Kinsley Kosidowski, Jenibelle Kunkel, Grady Boe and Emma