Exiting of the Program

English Learner Exit Criteria & Reclassification Plan

Exit and Reclassification

Students remain in the EL program until they reach proficiency in academic English.  The amount of time varies by individual. Although spoken English is acquired socially in 1-3 years, a period of 5-7 years is required, on average, for English Language Learners to approach grade level norms in academic aspects of English.  If the child is not literate (able to read and write) in the home language, it may take up to ten years to approach grade level norms. (Collier, 1987; Klesmer, 1994; Cummins, 1981a). Additionally, parents may remove their child from the program by signing a parental refusal letter.

Exit Measures

Students are exited from EL services if they receive an overall proficiency score of 4.5 or higher ACCESS for ELs 2.0, AND scores 3.5 or higher in three of the four domains (Listening, Speaking, Reading or Writing).

Communication of Exit Criteria and Procedures

When a student has achieved proficiency and is ready to be exited from the EL program, parents will be notified via written communication (translation available as needed) from the EL teacher. Additionally, classroom teachers and Special Education teachers (as applicable) are notified by the EL teacher that the student will be exited from the program. Students will continue to be monitored by the EL teacher.