Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The Farmington Area Public Schools Strategic Plan is a guiding document created by staff and community stakeholders to help the school district successfully serve the needs of our community now and in the future. 

The Strategic Plan is reviewed and refined regularly to reflect progress made and changing needs. The most recent update was completed in the spring of 2019. 

District Scorecard

District Scorecard was compiled at the request of the ISD 192 School Board to reflect the progress the school district is making toward fulfilling its strategic plan. 

Profile of a Lifelong Learner

Our Strategic Plan includes 3 objectives - things we are trying to achieve through our strategies. These objectives are best measured through observation of and demonstration by learners. To help in this process we have identified indicators of these objectives that apply throughout our system. These are the true skills and dispositions, along with content knowledge, that our learners will need to create their own successful future. The indicators for each objective are outlined in the 3 Profiles of a Lifelong Learner below:

Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 1: All learners possess the capacity and resiliency to create opportunities and master challenges.
Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 2 Profile: All learners continuously achieve their academic and personal goals.  
Profile of a Lifelong Learner - Objective 3: Each learner leads beneficial change locally and globally.


For information on the process contact the Strategic Plan Facilitator:
Jason Berg, Superintendent of Schools  
[email protected]