Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

Early Childhood Special Education Services are provided to children, ages birth to 5, who meet one or more criteria established by the Minnesota Department of Education. Children are identified through a multi-disciplinary evaluation process. Areas of evaluation include developmental delay, speech/language impairment, autism spectrum disorder, developmental cognitive disabilities, emotional or behavioral disorder, physical impairment, hearing impairment, visual impairment, and delays resulting from traumatic brain injuries or other health disabilities.
To qualify for service, children must demonstrate a moderate to substantial delay in development or have a diagnosed physical or mental condition or disorder that has a high probability of resulting in developmental delay. A comprehensive evaluation determines whether children meet state entrance eligibility.
Early Intervention Services for children ages birth to 3 are provided in natural environments including home and childcare settings. Parents and caregivers are important partners in early intervention services.
Services for ages 3-5 are provided in a variety of settings including community-based preschool programs, Early Childhood Special Education classrooms, and individual or small group therapy.
Who can refer to these services? Parents and family members, doctors, hospital and public health nurses, WIC clinics, and childcare providers can all refer a child for an early intervention evaluation. In Dakota County, all referrals for early intervention services go to each school district’s Early Childhood Special Education program. (Help Me Grow)

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