District Literacy Plan

Farmington Area Public Schools maintains an intentional focus on improving literacy instruction and ensuring that all students develop the literacy skills to be successful, life-long readers and learners.

Teachers incorporate practices in literacy instruction that have strong research support and are implemented in many surrounding districts. This instruction makes use of the Gradual Release of Responsibility model that stresses focused direct instruction (teacher modeling, mini-lessons, interactive lecture, read alouds), opportunity to learn and collaborate in small group guided practice, and final to apply literacy skills through independent work at individual reading levels.

Central to this model of literacy instruction is the use of assessments to know the literacy skills of students. This allows teachers to design instruction to customize learning for students and to provide necessary supports and interventions for students who learn at different paces.

The literacy plan is a culmination of conversations and professional development over many years. We are proud to display all the ways in which we work with families and students as a school community to ensure all students read by the end of third grade.

Click here to download a PDF of the ISD 192 Local Literacy Plan