Profile of a Lifelong Learner — Objective 1

Children on a playground

Objective 1 - All learners possess the capacity and resiliency to create opportunities and master challenges through:


➔ Respectfully working with others in meaningful and productive ways
➔ Flexible, open minded, confident and adaptable when working with and receiving
feedback from others
➔ Ability to understand oneself and others in a way that will allow for growth

Self-Direction and Resiliency
➔ Accept feedback; both positive and constructive. Use of feedback to reflect and chart a new course of where you are going.
➔ Self-directed learner with effective time management skills
➔ Overcome adversity through persistence, perseverance, self-advocacy and a growth mindset
➔ See failure as an opportunity to grow
➔ Ownership of choices and the resulting outcomes

Creative and Critical Thinking
➔ Develop and implement solutions to unique challenges
➔ Reflect on past learning experiences when faced with new situations and challenges
➔ Questions, reasons and weighs evidence to reach conclusions
➔ Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work and understand the real world limits to adopting new ideas

Effective Communication
➔ Remains open to communicating with a variety of people, familiar and unfamiliar
➔ Articulate thoughts and ideas effectively using verbal, written, electronic, and visual skills in a variety of forms and contexts