"World’s Best Workforce” means striving to do the following:

  • Have all students meet school readiness goals.
  • Have all third grade students achieve grade-level literacy.
  • Close the academic achievement gap among all racial and ethnic groups of students and between students living in poverty and their more privileged peers.
  • Have all students graduate from high school.
  • Have all students attain college and career preparedness.

The School Board is to develop a plan to support and improve teaching and learning that is aligned to the World’s Best Workforce and includes the following:

  • Clearly defined student achievement goals and benchmarks.
  • Process to evaluate each student’s progress toward meeting the state and local academic standards.
  • A system to review and evaluate the effectiveness of instruction and curriculum.
  • Practices that integrate high-quality instruction, rigorous curriculum, instructional technology, and a collaborative professional culture that support teacher quality, performance and effectiveness.
  • Evidence-based strategies for improving curriculum, instruction and student achievement.
  • An annual budget for continuation of district plan implementation.

Recommended Plan Components

  • Agreement between local union and school board on a teacher evaluation system
  • A rubric that defines effectiveness of instruction
  • Description of the professional standards the district used in the development of the system.
  • Description of the form of teacher collaboration i.e. professional learning teams, peer coaching, principal feedback and reflection on instruction
  • Description of opportunities for evaluation feedback on instruction from summative evaluators
  • Description of the plan for program improvement.

Success in reaching the World’s Best Workforce goals will be measured by the following:

  • Student performance on the National Association of Education Progress (NAEP)
  • Reduction of the academic achievement gap by student subgroup
  • Student performance on the MN Comprehensive Assessments
  • College and career readiness under section 120B.30, subdivision 1.