Parameters for Calling Parents/Guardians


Parents/Guardians have the primary responsibility for the care and health of their children.  

Health office staff assessment of student concerns will dictate the necessity for parent contact.  All students must see the nurse before they can go home for illness.  

Parent requests for communication will be honored to the best of the staff’s ability. 

Time does not permit calling parents for each health office visit. When parent contact is made it may be in the form of an email or phone call.  

Priority will be given the following:

  1. Symptoms of acute illness including fever over 100.0, vomiting and diarrhea unless determined to have a non-illness cause
  2.  Complaints/reports of head injury
  3.  Injuries due to significant force resulting in:
    - Projecting body part, deformity of body part
    - Continued pain in the same location
    - Significant swelling or bruising
    - Change in mental status
    - Laceration which may require outside medical care
    - Other injuries as determined by health office staff
  4.  Rashes that appear to be contagious 
  5.  Skin conditions with concerning drainage
  6.  Eye conditions including injury resulting in pain or visual disturbance
  7.  Tooth injuries resulting in pain, broken or damaged teeth
  8.  Severe emotional upset
  9.  Frequent visits to the health office without documented health condition or concern
  10.  Multiple visits in the same day or week for the same complaint

Student history and history of use of the health office will be taken into consideration.

Emergency services will be called as needed based on nursing judgement and assessment.  

Please have emergency contacts up to date and have a plan for your student to be picked up in a timely fashion for illness or emergency. Students should be picked up within 30 minutes time with rare exceptions only with nurse approval.