Profile of a Lifelong Learner — Objective 3

Robotics Club

Objective 3 - Each learner leads beneficial change locally and globally through:

Authentic Application
➔ Apply their skills/passions/interests to serve others
➔ Awareness of the world around them
➔ Ability to respond empathetically
➔ Strong sense of self worth
➔ Understands their intrinsic motivations

➔ Respectfully working with others in meaningful and productive ways
➔ Flexible, open minded, confident and adaptable when working with and receiving feedback from others

➔ Ability to understand oneself and others in a way that will allow for growth

➔ Embrace the civic responsibility as a member of their communities
➔ Recognize where things can be better and take action
➔ Ability to respond empathetically
➔ Awareness of the world around you
➔ Problem solving skills infused with optimism

Problem Solving
➔ Develop and implement solutions to unique challenges
➔ Reflect on past learning experiences when faced with new situations and challenges
➔ Questions, reasons and weighs evidence to reach conclusions
➔ Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work and understand the real-world limits to adopting new ideas