Farmington School Bus Procedures

A Note to Our Riders and Parents
Providing Students a safe and pleasant bus ride is a priority in the Farmington School District. A bus ride is an extension of the school day. In our classrooms, we are trying to educate students about appropriate behavior; that education extends to our buses.

We believe students and parents need to know school busing policy and be familiar with Minnesota State Law as it applies to school transportation. Minnesota State Law, Article 12, Section 6 states “Transportation by school bus is a privilege not a right for eligible students. A student’s eligibility to ride a school bus may be revoked for violation of school bus safety or conduct policies.”

Every passenger on a school bus has a part in keeping the school bus safe. Please review this information and the school bus discipline plan with your student(s) and let them know that you expect them to do their part to follow the rules and help keep their bus safe.

A. Going to the Bus
1. Use sidewalks where provided.
2. Cross streets carefully, watch in all directions for traffic.
3. Be aware of suspicious individuals (young, old, male, female) on foot or in motor vehicles. Report such persons to your bus driver or school principal. Even if you have missed the bus, DO NOT accept rides from strangers.

B. Waiting for the Bus/Boarding the Bus
1. Students should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes prior to pick up time.
2. Wait away from the traffic. Stay at least four feet off the road or street.
3. Respect the property around the bus stop.
4. Always use appropriate language.
5. Respect other students by not pushing, shoving, or fighting.
6. Stay back until the bus is completely stopped. A push at the middle or end of the line can send the front person into the bus or under its wheels.
7. Cross the street or approach the bus only after the bus has stopped and the driver signals you to do so.
8. Board the bus single file without crowding or pushing.
9. Be seated immediately – the bus will not move until all are seated.

C. School Bus Expectations when riding the bus

Rules for Riding the Bus:

1. Follow directions of the bus driver/aide.
2. Stay seated at all times.
3. Keep hands, feet, objects to self.
4. No teasing of other students.
5. No swearing, yelling, or loud noises.
6. Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.

If a student chooses not to follow the bus

1st Time: Verbal Warning
2nd Time: Violation slip issued.
3rd Time: Violation slip and suspension of bus privileges.
4th Time: Violation slip and more than one (1) day suspension of bus privileges.

Severe Disruption:
The following will result in automatic suspension of bus privileges:
1. Use of tobacco, alcohol, fighting, or spitting.
2. Damage to the bus.
3. Threat, harm, or harassment of the bus driver or other students
4. Defying the bus driver.

Parents/Guardians must sign the violation slip and return it with their child to the bus driver BEFORE transportation privileges will be resumed. Accumulation of three (3) violation slips could result in permanent suspension of student transportation privileges.

Please discuss this discipline program with your child. It is in your child’s best interest that we work together in a relationship that provides safe transportation.

D. Examples of Misconduct
1. Fighting
2. Throwing/shooting objects
3. Spitting
4. Use of possession of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substance
5. Possession of weapons
6. Vandalism, damaging property, littering
7. Swearing
8. Lighting matches, lighters, or any flammable objects
9. Hands feet heads, objects, or voices out the window
10. Unauthorized opening of emergency exits
11. Any behavior that disrupts or distracts the driver from safely operating the bus or threatens anyone’s safety.
12. Harassment or Name Calling

E. Leaving the Bus
1. Passengers must remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.
2. Walk, do not push, exit in single file
3. Avoid the danger zone around the bus
(see diagram.)
4. Do not cross the road or street until the bus driver signals you to do so.
(See item F)
5. Once away from the bus, stay away from the bus.

F. Crossing the Street or Roadway in Front of the Bus

To The Bus
1. Wait at least four feet back from the street until the bus comes to a complete stop.
2. Be sure the red lights at the top of the bus are flashing and the stop arm is extended. Watch for an indication from the driver that it is OK to cross. Be sure that you check in all directions before crossing.
3. Cross about five paces or 10 feet in front of the bumper so the driver of the bus can see you and you can see the driver.

From The Bus
1. Walk away from and about five paces or 10 feet in front of the bus on the shoulder or
the street surface.
2. Again, check with the driver and be sure the red stop lights are flashing before you start to cross. Walk – do not run.
3. As you reach the edge of the bus check traffic from both directions. Not all vehicles obey the stop signals. Proceed only when it is safe and then go directly to the other side.
4. If the driver honks the horn, STOP immediately and look at the driver for further instructions.
5. Do not stop to pick up your mail.
6. NEVER cross behind the bus!!

School Bus Danger Zone (within 10 feet of the school buss everywhere except directly in front of the doors).

G. Rider Eligibility
Students may not ride another bus or get off at an unassigned stop for any reason unless they have a parental permission note that is stamped by the school office.

 Be Safe
  • Stay in seat
  • Face forward
  • Don't put anything out the window, including body parts
  • Keep to yourself, including belongings
Be Respectful
  • Follow the directions of the Bus Staff
  • Use a quiet voice
  • Use appropriate language
  • No harassment nor intimidation of anyone
Be Responsible
  • Keep space around you clean
  • Do not damage school bus
  • Be responsible at bus stops, get to stop 5 minutes early, respect the property of others

Safe and comfortable transportation is a right for all eligible students. The Farmington School District has a fine record in its transportation programs and with your assistance and support, we can continue this tradition in the future. For busing information pleases call: Marschall Line, Inc. 651-463-8689