Allergy Management

If your child has an allergy that is potentially life threatening sending your child to school can be particularly worrisome. We want to assure you that your child’s health and safety are extremely important to us. We would like to meet with you and your child’s teacher prior to the first day of school to develop an individual allergy management plan for your child. We also require medical forms that are signed by your and your physician in order to be able to administer medication to your child.
Please have your physician complete the Anaphylaxis Action Plan to specify your child’s allergy and provide  a written order for medications that your child should receive in the event of an allergic reaction. Please sign the bottom of page 1 and complete the contact information on page 2. The Medication Authorization form is required to be completed for any medications you would like to have on hand at school for your child that are not included in the Anaphylaxis Action Plan. ( Tylenol, Advil etc.)

The Licensed School Nurse will develop an individual emergency and health care plan with you for your child based on doctor orders and also reasonable accommodations for the classroom/school. If your child is new to school or you are new to our district, please complete the Allergic Reaction Parent Questionnaire to help us develop the plan.
The Special Diet Statement (students that have a potentially life threatening allergy) is also required by Food Service to document the allergy and provide accommodates as needed. That form is also located here and requires a doctor signature.

If your child has a milk allergy and requires a milk substitute, please contact Chartwells’ Food Service at 651-463-5025 for their guidance.  

Please contact Sayra Maberry, RN, LSN, Health Services Coordinator  at (651) 460-1965 or at [email protected].

Allergy Management Forms can be found under here Medication and Required Forms, including the Anaphylaxis Action Plan, Parent/Guardian Allergy Questionnaire, and Medication Authorization forms.