Counseling Resources for ISD 192 Families
November 20, 2023

Below are some resources curated by our school counselors for families to utilize.

NEW: Substance Use Prevention and Intervention 

Resources for talking to your children about school violence:

The school counselors, school psychologists and district social workers are available to support your student. You can see their contact information below: 

Farmington Elementary School
Megan Sowieja, [email protected]

Meadowview Elementary School
Jackie Brand, [email protected]
Coriann Ponath, [email protected]

North Trail Elementary School
Brandon Homb, [email protected]  (and MVES)
Ashly Lyrek:  [email protected]

Riverview Elementary School

Jessica Alladin, [email protected]
Nicole Felipe, [email protected]
Jean Gregory, [email protected] (school psychologist)

Akin Road Elementary School
Jody Pfeiffer, [email protected] 

Boeckman Middle School 
Tenille Jennings; Grade 6 Titan & 8th Grade
[email protected]
Chris Caduff; Grade 6 Odyssey
[email protected]
Nicole McGuire; Grade 7
[email protected]
Laura Angell (school psychologist and at DMS)
[email protected] 

Dodge Middle School
Jennifer Hogan (working with last names A-K) 
[email protected]
Glee Slater L-Z (working with last names L-Z) 
[email protected]
Laura Angell (school psychologist and at BMS)
[email protected] 

Farmington High School
Barbara Walker (working with last names A-BL)
[email protected]
Aria Afdjeie (working with last names Bo-F)
[email protected]
Katie Kelly (working with last names G-KL)
[email protected]
Anna Steedman (working with last names Km-N)
[email protected]
Jerry Pfau (working with last names O-Si) 
[email protected] 
Chelsy Newman (working with last names Sk-Z) 
[email protected] 
Megan Wagner (Chemical & Mental Health) 
[email protected]

District Wide Family Resource Coordinator/Social Worker
Kate Adams
[email protected]