2023 Senior Spotlight: Reilly Toohey

2023 Senior Spotlight: Reilly Toohey
Posted on 06/09/2023
2023 Senior Spotlight: Reilly TooheySenior Spotlight: Reilly Toohey
     In honor of the Farmington High School 2023 graduating class, we are highlighting a few of our outstanding seniors. These students have been nominated by Farmington Area Public Schools staff members for exhibiting hard work and pursuing their spark with passion during their time at FHS. Today’s Senior Spotlight is: Reilly Toohey!
     Reilly was nominated for her leadership on the FHS Debate Team and in the National Honor Society, as well as her kind character. According to her teachers, she is “caring and lives her life with integrity.” 
     According to Reilly, her greatest accomplishments this year have been with the debate team. “This year, my partner and I qualified for the National Speech and Debate Tournament, which will be our school’s first ever appearance at the national tournament. It's been really great to accomplish this as a senior along with being able to make things memorable with my coaches and everyone on my team. This was definitely a group effort that we all worked so hard for,” she shared. 
     Outside of school, Reilly spends time volunteering. “I spent a lot of time this year in the tutoring center helping students, and doing service virtually to extend my work onwards,” she said. Additionally, “I'm also currently a barista, which I enjoy because I am able to spend a lot of time with my friends on the job as well as get to know a lot of regulars that come in.” Here’s a little more about Reilly and her time at FHS: 

All About Reilly
Favorite Teacher 
“My favorite teacher at FHS happens to be a teacher I've never had a class with. Mrs. Baumann is not only an outstanding educator, but she is also my personal mentor and my coach for the debate team. My favorite memories have been spending time in her classroom when I have free periods. No questions asked, she provides a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. ”
Future Plans
“In the fall, I am attending the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and I am working towards a degree in Psychology or Political Science. I chose this path because I knew I would enjoy studying topics I am genuinely interested in as well as being able to experience a profound sense of independence while not being too far away from home.” 

Advice for Future Seniors
“My advice for future seniors is to really try your hardest to make this year memorable. I know I struggled a lot with that concept granted that I experienced a lot of unforeseen circumstances within the last four years that hindered that. Especially with deciding future careers and/or paths for education, it can really take a mental toll on you. Everyone will end up where they are supposed to be, even if it's not what you had originally planned for. Make sure to stay on top of things for graduation, but also make sure you are giving extra love and attention to your friends and family.”

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