Buildings & Grounds Contacts

Buildings & Grounds Department
Farmington Area Public Schools
District Service Center 
20655 Flagstaff Ave., Farmington, MN 55024
Phone: 651-463-5058 | Fax: 651-463-5010

 Site Position  Name  Email  Phone 
District Office Director of Operations Dan Miller  [email protected] 651-463-5058
District Office Administrative Assistant Patty Schallenhn 651-463-5068
District-Wide Maintenance Technician  Josh Buckner   [email protected] 651-460-3813
District-Wide Head Groundskeeper  Jim Ozmun   [email protected] 651-460-3812
Akin Road Elementary Head Custodian Dave Baumbach  [email protected] 651-460-1707
Farmington Elementary Head Custodian Ray Sell  [email protected] 651-463-9007
Meadowview Elementary Head Custodian Sharon Bengen
 [email protected] 651-460-3107
North Trail Elementary Head Custodian Rich Bengen  [email protected] 651-460-1807
Riverview Elementary Head Custodian Tom Underwood  [email protected] 651-460-1607
Robert Boeckman
Middle School
Head Custodian Teresa Tlougan [email protected] 651-460-1407
Levi P. Dodge
Middle School
Head Custodian Wendy Vandenheuvel [email protected] 651-460-1507
Farmington High School Head Custodians Jeff Thompson and Mike Burton 
[email protected] and [email protected]  651-252-2507
Tiger Legacy  & Learning Center Head Custodian John Ristow  [email protected] 651-460-3807