FHS graduation rates remain high

Farmington High School graduation rates remain high
Posted on 04/11/2024
FHS Graduation

Official graduation rates are not released until nearly a year after most students have graduated. The state of Minnesota released the graduation rates for the 2022-23 school year in April of 2024. The 2023 graduation rate for the state of Minnesota was 83.3% (58,293 graduates), which represents a 0.3 percentage point decrease in the four-year graduation rate compared to the class of 2022. As a district we saw our graduation rate remain steady for 2022-23 at 93.2% after the big increase from 91.9% in 2020-21 to 94.1% in 2021-22. In addition, we have another 4.1% of the class of 2023 that are continuing to pursue their FHS diploma.

Here is a more detailed snapshot of our 2023 graduation information:

  • 83.3% of our Black or African American learners graduated. (Compared to 72.1% across Minnesota.)
  • 88.9%  of our Hispanic or Latino learners graduated. (Compared to 69.2% across Minnesota.) 
  • 90.0% of learners that identify as two or more races graduated. (Compared to 80.3% across Minnesota.)
  • 91.3% of multilingual learners (previously English Language learners) graduated. (Compared to 63.4% across Minnesota.)
  • 77.8% of learners with an IEP (Individual Education Plan) graduated. (Compared to 65.6% across Minnesota.)
  • 81.8% of learners qualifying for Free/Reduced meals graduated. (Compared to 71.9% across Minnesota.)

"Our staff across the district, and specifically at Farmington High School, have worked to prepare and support our learners through their entire K-12 experience to get them to this milestone. As shared many times, our target is (and should be) a 100% graduation rate with no gaps between groups of learners. We are not there yet, but this continues to be very encouraging,” Superintendent Berg shared regarding the most recent ISD 192 graduation rates.