iPad Information

iPad Loan Agreement - Start here!  This is required for all children who take home iPads. Additional information about the optional iPad Protection Plan is also here along with other helpful information including procedures for Summer iPad Repair.

The online iPad Loan Agreement is available via RevTrak. Please see the iPad Loan Agreement page for more information. 
Use RevTrak to agree to the iPad Loan Agreement and either enroll or waive the iPad Protection Plan.

I Forgot My Apple ID Forgot the email used for an Apple ID? This link will take you through the steps to recover your information.  

Reset your Apple ID password Know your Apple ID, but need to reset the password? Use this link to reset the password used with your Apple ID (this is the password used when downloading apps).

For creating an Apple ID for children under the age of 13, please see Apple's resource on how parents/guardians may do this through their "Family Sharing" function and creating an Apple ID for your child.

For individuals 13 years or older, please see Apple's resource on how to create an Apple ID without providing credit card or other payment method information: "Create or use your Apple ID without a payment method".

iPad help and repair information can be found here.

Have other questions? Please take a look at our iPad Loan FAQs for additional answers and information.