iPad Repair

Having issues with your iPad?

iPad First Aid 
When you are having issues with your iPad we would like you to try a few troubleshooting procedures before seeking service. The iPad First Aid page includes common problems that you might be able to solve on your own. Please follow the steps there and see if it solves your problem. If you still have issues with your iPad, please see the information below.

iPad Repairs 
If the issued iPad needs repair, the iPad must be taken to the designated location at your child’s building for an evaluation of the equipment. 

For help with your iPad or other technology questions that might be able to be solved by phone while off campus, please call our student and family tech helpline during normal school hours: 651-463-5090. If after school hours, please leave a message and include the student’s name, school, your contact information, and a brief description of the issue.

Please Note: ISD 192 is not able to guarantee the restoration of files or settings on this device or other ability to transfer to a replacement iPad. Regular backups are strongly encouraged. Please backup all important files to your district Google Drive. 

The iPad Protection Plan does not have an iPad repair/replacement co-payment fee for the first instance of non-warranty repair, damage, or claim within the iPad Protection Plan period. However, a co-payment deductible repair/replacement fee is required for multiple instances or claims made during the same period of coverage for the iPad Protection Plan (summer through the end of the school year). 

iPad Protection Plan Repair/Replacement Fee Copayment/Deductible Schedule: 
• 1st damage/repair claim: $0.00 
• 2nd damage/repair claim: $150.00
• Additional damage/repair claims: Full cost of iPad repair or replacement of iPad and accessories up to $329.00